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Manizalenos feel satisfied and proud to live in the capital of Caldas. This is indicated by the results of the citizen perception survey released yesterday by the Manizales program, Cómo Vamos.

The survey, which measures the quality of life, showed high and low points regarding the work of the authorities, such as education and employment, respectively.

In total there were 1,010 respondents, who expressed their opinion between November 7 and 30 of the previous year. 95 percent of citizens feel proud to live in Manizales, 76 percent of people feel safe, increased the number of trips by bicycle (went from 1.5 to 3%) and a dependency of the Mayor, the Secretariat of Education, is among the 10 most favorable entities.

In contrast to these figures find the two issues that are in red and worry people. On the one hand, there is the economic field. The number of households that consider that their economic situation improved (went from 37 to 28%), 12 percent of people are considered poor, and 7 percent say that it is easy to find a job, after being in 2016 18 percent.

Faced with this, María Magdalena Builes Giraldo, Secretary of ICT and Competitiveness, said that being a perception there is no in-depth knowledge. For example, he explained, it is thought that it is difficult to do business in Manizales: “In a measurement made by the Universidad de Los Andes, it has always been said that Manizales is a city with greater ease in this area,” he assured.

In the same way there is concern in one issue: the environment. Manizaleños are not making the necessary efforts to avoid environmental crises in the future. 41 percent said they were not satisfied with the environmental management.

“There are many calls that show what they are asking for and what the citizen demands are. On the other hand, it also shows what citizens value, “said Natalia Escobar Santander, director of Manizales, Cómo Vamos.

The explanation given by the network about the satisfaction of living in the city is that this indicator is directly related to the results of security, education, housing and mobility, which have had good results, making people consider that their quality of life is good


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