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We are all used to hearing things like bitcoin will hit $100,000 in the next few years. It sounds great but in most cases, there is no rational backing to such statements. However, there is one coin that has the potential to reach such price levels, and with a rational basis to it, and that’s ZCash (ZEC). Why is that? Well, you just need to look at global wealth trends and you will understand why.

The core use of ZCash (ZEC) is to be used as an anonymous store of wealth. Mathematical analysis shows that if ZCash can represent just 10% of all global offshore or hidden money, its value would be over $60,000 a coin. Sounds crazy, but it’s highly possible. Here is why.

For starters, the number of high net worth individuals has been growing all across the world, and it will continue to grow. Forget about all the concerns about wealth disparities and their impact on social welfare. The number of wealthy people in the world will grow significantly in coming years. That wealth will need to be hidden somewhere, and it won’t be in traditional offshore destinations that are increasingly under pressure from the international community.

Switzerland for example has come under pressure to be more transparent about the wealth that flows into the country. The same goes for other destination such as Monaco and the Cayman islands that are ever under increasing pressure from governments to be more transparent. This makes these destinations unfavorable long-term options for people looking to hide their wealth.

So where will this wealth go? The surest bet would be cryptocurrencies, and there is no crypto that achieves this better than ZCash (ZEC). ZCash combines the security features of bitcoin with a zero knowledge proof system that ensures that money moving through ZCash is untraceable.

In essence, a wealthy person looking to store some of their wealth away from the public gets to enjoy a trustless and decentralized store of wealth, while at the same time resting easy that the system cannot be compromised and their money stolen.


Many new money millionaires and billionaires are likely to find this more reliable than traditional offshore destinations that are at the mercy of governments and the banking system. Even old money, which is usually passed over from one generation to the other is slowly passing over to the younger generations that are tech savvy, and understand the power of blockchain technology.

It’s not hard to see why ZCash (ZEC) could easily represent 10% of all offshore wealth by the year 2025. This makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for someone looking to make good money in the long run. If ZCash achieves this, it would mean that $1000 invested in ZCash today would make you a millionaire in the next couple of years. That’s one of the best investment decisions one can make with a goal of a comfortable retirement, without having to do much. Time to HODL ZCash (ZEC).


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