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There is a lot of misinformation about crypto trading and Covesting (COV) makes you a pro in the industry. You do not have to have prior experience in the trade; you any watch, copy and implement. If you are into crypto trading, this is the right platform to join and invest in.

This is an easy copy trading system for beginner and experienced investors and cryptocurrency managers. Covesting works like eToro but is rides on a blockchain ecosystem where you follow a trading expert of repute and copy their strategies to earn from various cryptocurrencies.

Covesting (COV) goal is to connect you with professional cryptocurrency traders in a more secure and trust base environment. You learn as you continue trading. Your success depends on your goals and the trader you choose to replicate. You start small and grow to a trader of repute in months.

How to Take Advantage of Covesting?

Getting started with and taking advantage of Covesting (COV) is very easy. all you need is visit their official website and fill in a fuss free registration form. This should take you a few minutes of your time.

Once in, you can familiarize yourself with the easy to use features. Once comfortable, you can search for top performing traders, compare and track their performance. You can use the model managers’ option and get money manager that matches your aspirations and goals.

When you identify the right trader that meets your strategy expectations, you can follow them by subscribing to them. The system will prompt you to donate a set percentage of your funds to be allocated. The calculations are proportionally calculated and you will be able to copy and replicate trades at this point.

Once done, you can sit back and monitor your account. Since the model manager will trade on your “behalf” and trades are automatically replicated. With time, you can subscribe to other traders if you feel like changing strategies.

Why Choose Covesting (COV) to Invest?

This is the ideal cryptocurrency trading entry point if you are getting started but also every resourceful platform for the experienced. The entry fee is depends on how much you deposit but on average, there is a 2% commission that accrues and this goes to your Asset Contract (COV) which in turn increases the value of OV coins.

The platform gives two options as a trader; you can remain anonymous or public. Using your real identity helps you gain trust and confidence from your subscribers. Traders using their alias are looked down upon as bots and people tend to shy away from them. The choice however is yours.

Your data and private information is kept under wraps securely. Others including moderators cannot access your emails, accounts links to social networks and wallet identities. You trade in anonymity to avoid fraud and hacks.

Covesting (COV) Trends and Predictions

This relatively new but innovative cryptocurrency is making inroads into the digital money markets and is quoted at $1.21 at the CoinMarketCap website. This is after registering a growth of 21.90% in the last 24 hours (at the time if writing).

The Covesting native token COV is listed in several exchanges including EtherDelta, Idex, YoBi, LiveCoin, KuCoin and Okex is coming up soon. Their roadmap is very clear and they seem to be on schedule and once their systems are fully tested and functional, the price will hit the $10 mark in the third quarter of 2018.

With its unique features, Covesting (COV) is gaining traction especially for those investors who have no idea how crypto-trading works. Here are many cryptocurrency while sitting on the fence to invest in the platform. This could turn out to be the best news for many in 2018 going forward.

Ultimately, these are trading features that are likely to change the ways investors trade cryptocurrencies in the years ahead. There is little doubt that the digital blockchain is changing the financial markets, and it is critical for investors to identify the best platforms in the markets in order to maximize gains and limit losses over time.


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