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Blockchain networks are on the rise to solve the day to day challenges that we face. Thanks to the BlockMason Credit Protocol ( BCPT) since with it, companies can now be able to track and manage their debts as well as credits using the blockchain technology.

Some of the companies which stand to benefit from this blockchain technology are the Energy, finance, entertainment as well as healthcare among many more.

Nowadays, for most businesses to succeed, directors or managers have to borrow funds. Most businesses live on depts. And they have to manage their credit well, so as to be able to service their debts and still have the businesses running.

With the BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT), businesses can come up with costumed apps deigned to fit their own company settings. With these apps, companies can track their debt payments as well as their credits.

An example of an app that is built on the BlockMason Credit Protocol is the Lndr. Lndr was actually the first decentralized app to be developed on the Credit Protocol. It was an application created for tracking and settling debt across friends. With Lndr friends can create and manage depts. Among themselves.

Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT)

Blockmason Credit Protocol blockchain network uses BCPT Token for transactions. The BCPT is an ERC20 Token, meaning it is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

The BCPT is listed on a number of exchange platforms like Gatecoin, Bittrex, Kucoin, Etherdelta, HitBTC, Cryptopia, Upbit and Binance.

Currently, the market cap of BCPT is $52,500,288 USD with a volume of $103,421,000 USD. The total BCPT coins in supply are 45,166,200 BCPT out of the total already generated 116,158,667 BCPT.

BCPT price to hit $2 by the end of Q1 2018

BCPT price has been quite volatile and it has been hard to point out a specific trend. After going beyond $2 in the first week of January, the price went down to as low as $0.3 in the beginning of February.

However, over the last two weeks, BCPT has experienced an upward trend moving from $0.322449 to trade at $1.16 according to coinmarketcap.com. This is a 259.75% rise over two weeks, which is such a promising trend.

Considering some of the announcements and partnerships that the blockchain has made of late, this coin is expected to go past $2 by the end of the first quarter of 2018. It started on 13th February, when Blockmason Credit Protocol (BCPT) completed the Lndr UI Testing.  Then came the listing of BCPT on Brittex Exchange platform on 23rd February and on Upbit exchange platform on 24th.


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