The modern blockchain adopter is looking for solutions to real life challenges and EOS (EOS) seems to get the wind before the first generation Ethereum. The platforms consistency in performance against major digital currencies has a strong signal for the entire market. Their practical goals have caused a lot of interest from fans.

With a market capitalization of $5,912,806,780 and $319,652,000 worth of EOS changing hands in the last 24 hours, there is still room to shift its rank from 9 upwards. At the current price of $8.50, the coins is rattling Ethereum in the decentralized application front and seems to be gaining greatly given that Ethereum has been a player in the field.

Will EOS (EOS) Shift Ethereum (ETH) Ground?

With better days coming for EOS signs have started to show especially from its market cap expansion. Their plans to eliminate transaction costs to zero are a surefire way to be the platform of choice. Why would you pay $1 per transaction on Ethereum while you can get the same service for free from EOS anyway?

Currently, Ethereum transaction processing is far much low compared to modern demands. For any platform that plans to grow and discern their users now and in the future, speed is critical. Ripple offers transaction speeds of 1500 per seconds and that is too low given the demand in the financial sector. EOS is planning on millions of transactions per second!

EOS plan is to accommodate large scale DApps; a strategic move for the future. Once complete, the project will ensure that it will not be slowed down by influx of users due to limited capacity. They have learned from Bitcoin through their ever jammed system. When transactions are slow, the cost goes up driving away users and prospects.

Anyone new in the cryptocurrency world can tell a future platform from the fads coming up. EOS survived when the other cryptocurrencies were in the verge of crashing earlier in the year. If you are focused on value, you will understand EOS ultimate goal.

How did EOS (EOS) Survive the Cryptocurrency Crash?

Anyone will agree this was the testing ground for most digital coins and their platforms. However, the fact that EOS survived unscathed does not mean there were remedial measures put in place in advance; their system is designed for the future. This was the opportune time to prove it to their investors.

When you look at the crash and its aftermath, there is something that has held Eos together from January to date.  This could mean the value of EOS has gone a notch higher compared to first and second generation cryptocurrencies. Amazingly, when other coins are recovering, EOS is gaining.

Investor confidence and social appeal is one of the attributes that EOS has over their big brother, Ethereum. Bringing Daniel Larimer to also means he has what it takes to drive the proof-of-stake agenda for EOS. He is one of the Steemit developers and understands how social media reacts in volatile environments and digital currency distribution.

To prevent crackdown on information, Everipedia have partnered with EOS. This will help protect them from information censorship and give the online encyclopedia room to inform their readership. By adopting a decentralized platform, Everipedia will fly above those governments keen on censoring information that is meant to go global. Everipedia are developing the IQ coin that will ride on the EOS (EOS) platform.

According to Bitfinex CEO, plans are underway to create a decentralized exchange on EOS ecosystem for improved speeds, trust and to eliminate middle men. This will be a true peer-to-peer exchange with the aim of utilizing the EOS ERC20 token as a trading pair under the project EOSfinex. This is a value addition project ad will impact positively on EOS value growth.

The future of EOS is very bright and you can use their native token to purchase bandwidth within the EOS. If you are need to develop decentralized applications (DApps) you have a friend in EOS (EOS). The platform is actually not trying to kill Ethereum but to give better solutions for the future.


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