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There is great anxiety in the market about Tronix (TRX) releasing its main net. Investors and traders are worried about the process of shifting from using ER20 Tokens to using fully supported Tronix network based coins.

The launch of the TRX had been slated for late Q1, 2018, which would be around the month of March. But following a twitter post from Justin Sun, the date has since been advanced with the actual date of the launch remaining unknown. Investors should expect to get updated with time.

This change of dates has made the social media go wild and especially Twitter. Some are rejoicing since they felt the dates were too close and they weren’t ready nor well informed about the shit. And of course, there are those who have been greatly disappointed since they had pegged a lot of hopes on the main net release.

But what is the ancestry all about?

Since TRON (TRX) was launched, it has performed too well over the period, attracting thousands if not millions of investors. And all that time, the investors have been using ER20 Tokens which are normally based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

It is not that the ER20 Tokens are bad, but the development team feels that it is now time to move on to using their own coin.

People are quite worried about how to shift from the ER20 Tokens to the coins, with the main questions being if the Tokens will be the ones that will be used to buy the coins or the number of Tokens will be equivalent to coins.

Actually, this information is yet to be relayed by the TRON (TRX) Foundation. But investors should be very alert since when they will be releasing the dates, they might give guidelines on how to go about the whole issue.

When others are getting worried, others are actually too excited about the whole idea of establishing the TRON (TRX) main net. Some investors believe it will act as a catapult to set TRON ahead of the rest of altcoins. This is predominantly because TRON has done so well over the years without the main net. Therefore the added features and advantages of having a main net will propel this coin to the moon.

Again, there are also great hopes that the release could help lift the prices of TRON, which has plunged very low over the last one month now. From mid-January, 2018 to now, its price has decreased by about 79.2% to go for $0.041623 USD from over $0.2.

Therefore, TRON (TRX) may act as a salvaging option for the crypto coin trading.


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