Hyper Pay (HPY)

Hyper Pay (HPY) started just like an ordinary online store, then referred to as Gate2Play. It is one of the few Middle East blockchain networks. Its headquarters is located in Amman. But is also got offices in Dubai, Jeddah and Riyadh.

We all know that Dubai is a great place when it comes to businesses. Hyper Pay is a lucky network to have a base there. With Dubai, the coin is assured of having very serious investors and partners whom money is not a problem as long as the network offers the best for them.

High hopes in Hyper Pay (HPY)

Am sure you have probably heard of crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, QTUM, Ripple, Zcash and the like. Their market cap and value per token is for sure high. However, calling a spade a spade, you can’t go investing in a coin like Bitcoin at the moment if you have “small cash”. Investing in such crypto coins requires a huge amount of capital. For instance, to invest in Bitcoin, you will need to have at least more than $10,000 to purchase 1 BTC.

Also, most of those prosperous coins started very poor and it has taken years for them to succeed.

Again, coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to have hit the roof and they are not expected to grow very much after this. Therefore, the best cryptocurrency investment for now is in crypto coins like Hyper Pay (HPY).

On the other hand, Hyper Pay already boasts of a wide base since the company already had investors when it was under the name Gate2Play. Therefore, they have a vast experience in the field of online payments as well as other services. It is actually the most successful online service provider in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Although currently the price of a single Hyper Pay (HPY) Token is $0.047565 USD, the cryptocurrency is expected to gain traction.  You should not forget also that it is coming from a region whose economy is too much supported by oil mining making these countries very rich. With such a rich economy, you expect people once acquainted with the amazing services of the cryptocurrency to fall in “love” with it.

What puts Hyper Pay at the top of the rest of crypto coins?

  • Hyper Pay (HPY) technology can be easily integrated with popular platforms like Oracle, WordPress, and Magneto. They only require integration plug ins.
  • Another thing is that Hyper Pay provides backend reporting services like business analysis, refund management, transaction details and many more.
  • It is also compatible with most Mobile commerce apps through SDK and APIs.
  • Also, Hyper Pay (HPY) uses PSI DSS Level 1 security.



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