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The blockchain has a lot to offer in the music industry. Through Vibrate (VIB), you have a chance to participate and have a say in the music industry. Using a decentralized platform, Vibrate seeks to disrupt the sector. This is ideal for investment in a dynamic and ever growing live music sector.

If you love live music and have your favorite artist, this is a platform you need to identify with. As a user, you automatically become part of the music industry. Picture yourself in the center of a $250 billion; out of which a third of it goes to live music, and you have a say in it!

Vibrate (VIB) Market Performance Vibes

This is a young entrant into the cryptocurrency market and their humble beginning id ranked at 222 in terms of market cap. They have been steadily gaining a lot of interest not only from music lovers but general investors.  The VIB token is trading at $0.291632 and has gained 22.86% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, they are on the green and seems like they are there for the long haul.

To assert presence in the market, the platform has partnered with Bancor exchange. This partnership makes VIB one of the most liquid tokens that you can find playing in the live music industry. Currently the platform is building a data bases of music from across the globe and currently covering 94% countries.

How Vibrate Works in the Music Industry

Billed as the best platform for live music, you can get profiles of artists that you follow. You can use the platform as a resource and get in depth information about tour schedules, locations and booking details. You can get information on where to buy your tickets and other venue details.

As much as the platform targets users, musicians will get rewarded from the activities on the network.  The platform brings together virtually every stakeholder in the music industry. Event planners and managers will use the system to pay musicians and other artists in real time. The uptake looks promising and it is a platform to invest in early.

Way Forward for Vibrate (VIB)

Currently there are over 50 thousand venues on the platform’s database. This is on top of over 150 thousand musicians that you can access their profiles. However, there was a delay and the development team did not hit the venue profile launch as scheduled. Their token sale target was raising $12 million for future development by September 5th 2017.

Vibrate is deploying the smart contract technology to make signing of contracts seamless. The innovative concept is set to revolutionize the music industry and give fans and musicians control over their activities. Event and concert planning and organizing in the sector will never be the same again.

Vibrate (VIB) in the News

There is too much activity around the platform and they have even changed the feel and look of their website to reflect their target audience and their future vision. The development team is always to educate investors and prospects their progress and any upgrades that they are undertaking.

Their media presence has endeared themselves to many and their crowdsourcing for live music has taken the industry like wildfire. It is so easy to use the market place and musician, booking agents and event managers and organizers can interact and interact easily.

To get rewarded and earn vibes from Vibrate you only need to add new artists’ profiles on the Vibrate database.  However, you need to keep the records updated and indicate upcoming events and invite others for scheduled events. Other ways to earn VIB is by information spreading through blogs and social media.

If you are looking for a coin that supports the live music industry, Vibrate (VIB) is what you need. This is not a fad but a platform of the future. The current price for VIB is pocket friendly and serves as the entry point for the ordinary person. There is future in Vibrate (VIB) irrespective of your vibe.


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