Bitcion Cash (BCH)

Since Bitcoin Cash forked out of Bitcoin, it seems everybody is now angry with it. It is true, Bitcoin forking has seriously affected its value as well as snatching away quite a significant amount of investors.

When a fork happens, it takes away knowledge, resources as well as investors. For example, in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it went away with some Bitcoins as well as a good chunk of investors who opted to try the new coin rather sticking to Bitcoin which seems to be approaching its rooftop if it is not yet there already.

Also, since forking involves copying the structure and technology of one blockchain so as to come with a new crypto coin which resembles the original, Bitcoin Cash (BTH) therefore has a superb blockchain network.

But is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) the only Bitcoin fork?

Am sure this is the question that every BCH “lover” is asking himself or herself. Why is it the only one that is receiving such a backlash?

In actual sense, from the beginning of 2017 to now, there have been about 20 planned forks. And out of the 20 majority have already taken place. But why is it that it is only Bitcoin Cash (BSH) that is too much at loggerheads with Bitcoin?

It will be remembered that even when Coinbase agreed to list BCH on its trading platform, some issues about inflation of prices prior to the listing came up. There were suspicions that there were some Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Coinbase employees who were colluding in meddling with the prices contrary to Coinbase’s policies leading to a backlash from Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong.

The situation later escalated by the fact that the prices of Bitcoin Cash  kept on rising as those of its mother, Bitcoin kept on going lower and lower especially in the month of January.

At some instances BCH trading on Coinbase got blocked for a whole day.

So, should someone still go ahead and invest in Bitcoin Cash?

I don’t think there is anything too alarming to make Bitcoin Cash a coin not to invest in.

At the moment, BCH is listed in other cryptocurrency exchange platforms and not only in Coinbase. There are other exchange platforms like GDAX which have been listing BCH without much drama like the one with Coinbase.

Again, at the moment, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) seems to be the only Bitcoin fork which has taken after Bitcoin. Its market current price is $1,292.00 USD with a market cap of $21,956,732,500 USD and a volume of $469,133,000 USD.

It actually shows a very promising future in relation to its value. It is not a bad crypto coin to invest in. However, investors should be aware of the current friction between BCH and a number of other companies especially Bitcoin and Coinbase.



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