Expanse Coin (EXP)

On Thursday this week Expanse.Tech announced on their Twitter page that Payza, one of the largest payment systems in South America now supports the coin. The coin was also added to the cryptocurrency exchange platform. EXP, the token associated with the Expanse blockchain has been reborn in the past couple of months. The coin currently has a total of 7,906,397 EXP in circulation and trades an average volume of $23 million daily.

“An alternative public network is beneficial for us because it allows us to diverge from Ethereum should the need ever arise, as well as offer the people a choice and a more affordable alternative for DApp development.”

-Christopher Franko

The South American payment platform gives its users the convenience of sending money and receiving money online. With 13 million users across 192 countries over 5 continents, the platform offers Expanse Coin (EXP) an opportunity to reach out to the 9 million active cryptocurrency users on the platform. Payza currently started operating with digital coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and recently Stratis and Expanse.

Expanse Coin (EXP)

The Expanse network offers its users with the platform to build and develop decentralized applications (dApps) easily, efficiently and at a very affordable price.


Payza Ltd., a subsidiary of the MH Pillars Ltd., United Kingdom that works on providing its users with a branded prepaid card, known as white label prepaid card. The company has a total of 13 million customers and deals with online payments and transfer of funds internationally. The company was founded by Firoz Patel.

Why Payza?

  1. Payza is a well-established online payment system that deals with exchanging currencies and instant transfers of these funds. It can allow its users to make payments and transactions via fiat and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.
  2. The platform is simple and easy to use giving its users a dynamic, efficient and secure platform to make their payments and transfers. The platform keeps its development versatile and globally reachable to allow its large online merchant niche access the website anytime and everywhere.
  3. The platform deals with over 50 cryptocurrencies on its exchange platform giving a range of choices in investments. The exchange is very liquid with its 9million customers offering enough liquidity for the exchange.
  4. The platform deals with over 25 fiat currencies at the moment with dozens of cryptocurrencies also accepted on the platform. This allows merchants to accept any coin of their choice to deposit in their wallets.

Historical preview

Expanse Coin (EXP) was the first stable fork of Ethereum blockchain. The creators, Christopher Franko, James Clayton and Dan Conway are big believers in the project. They choose the Ethereum platform due to the ease of creating application on smart contracts and technicality of writing Bitcoin scripts.

“I remembered an alternative brand [to Ethereum] I came up with that was a perfect fit in my view…we both knew we had something special and started working on it right away.”

-Dan Conway

However, the coin did not pick up its price until June 2017 when the Expanse Bond System (EBS) matured. The price was first offered at a price of $0.13, stalled for almost 2 years and has seen its price rise to an all-time high of $9 on January 6th this year. It has a market cap of $28,635,387 USD offering great room for improvement. The coin reached an all-time high market capitalization of $ 70 million in early January 2018. The coin will have a total of 16,906,397 EXP maximum cap.

This current partnership will offer the Expanse development team and enthusiasts a hope of its price rising in the next few months with over 13 million users of Payza are targeted. The last time Payza worked with a cryptocurrency, Stratis, the coin saw a 20% increase in its price after the announcement. Let’s wait see the impact this time round!


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