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The crypto sphere is growing at an alarming rate and keeping tabs with each new coin or token is turning into a nightmare. With many coins already in the market, there is need for a coin that brings them together. SaluS (SLS) seeks to create value by bringing together other cryptocurrency features.

SaluS is an open source cryptocurrency build on a decentralized blockchain. With a market capitalization of $99,013,448 USD and ranked in position 141, it is one of the coins any investor should invest in. at the time of writing, the coins it trading at $98.03 having gained 3.92% and 0.99% against the USD and BTC. This is great news given that there are only 1,009,982 SLS in circulation to date.

How does SaluS (SLS) Coin work?

Given the limited number of SaluS coins in the market, there is a great future when you adopt the coin early. However, to trade in SaluS, you need to fund your wallet with a minimum of 50 tokens or coins. To trade, you need to first fund your wallet and the, minimum period you can keep the tokens is 8 hours with unlimited maximum storage.

You can only store your tokens in SLS compatible operating systems; you can use Rapsi, Mac or Windows 32. If you are interested in the mining function, you can easily mine through CoinKing.io, MinerGate or LTCrabbit. The platform has a good hash rate of 1000 h/s with a block time of three minutes.

SLS coins have become very popular in gaming. There are several gaming providers who have partnered with the SaluS network including DigiByt, BitCasino.io, Directbet.eu and BC Casino and more are coming onboard every other day. If you are gaming fanatic, you need to try SaluS; transactions are fast and you processes micro-transactions.

The Company behind SaluS Coin

The goal for SaluS is to build and increase its net asset value. This explains why SaluS has a huge reserve which comes with different charges. If you are in the Foundation TX category, every transaction is charged 0.0001 coins. If you fall under traders Advantage, you can create up to ten addresses that allow you exclusive access to transactions and trade and the fee also applies. For the ordinary traders and users, the 0.0001 fee applies for every transaction.

As a user, you have access to a cloud staking service. Whether you are an individual or corporate, you are charged 5% of the total transaction value. However, the system works in a way that the value addition does not hurt the user. There are no downtimes and you are guaranteed to access the website 24/7.

The good news about SaluS coin is that the company is after its profits while ensuring that you have access to a coin that is valuable and stable. When the company makes profits, you also make yours. This is one of the most rewarding cryptocurrency in the market today. It allows its users to do business in a rewarding and yet secure way.

If you are looking for an investment proposition that has you at heart SaluS (SLS) has you covered. You do not to worry about how secure your funds are; that’s guaranteed. With only limited SLS coins in supply in the market, chances are the will become scarce soon and you will have value in your wallet.



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