Dash (DASH)

You have worked hard for your money and the only way to enjoy is to spend it anywhere while keeping your transactions private. With TransferCoin (TX), you transactions are kept under wraps. This is a unique decentralized platform keen on becoming the number one fungible system where transactions cannot be traced.

This is the ideal peer-to-peer network that allows fast transfer of digital money. You rest assured that your transactions remain anonymous and keep whatever business you are in thriving. Transactions take 60 second to be confirmed across the board. TransferCoin is one of the best cutting edge networks you need in real life transactions.

After privacy what else for TransferCoin?

The current hype around TransferCoin (TX) is not just about the privacy, it has more to offer to the user. You can spend your TX coin anywhere with the signboard “Bitcoin Accepted Here”. You do not have to just keep your TX coins in your wallet, there are many vendors accepting Bitcoin; they have the largest affiliate network in the world and that helps TX penetrate the market.

Not many cryptocurrencies have the cross send feature. With TransferCoin, you can purchase goods and services and payments are to the micro-transaction level. You are not restricted to the amount you can spend at any vendors’ point of sale.

TransferCoin (TX) Addresses User Needs

One reason TransferCoin is attracting the crowds is because it addresses their needs. When sending money, the process is instant. The speeds are the best in the market. The Masternodes feature allows payments that are processed by IX to be locked in seconds. You do not have to sit at the vendor outlet waiting for your payments to be processed.

Most users like keeping their online transactions and TransferCoin has heard them. The system allows for stealth address creation. You discreetly and privately exchange digital currencies. There is no way your transactions can be traced and deals between the payer and payee remain confidential.

Why Invest in TransferCoin

With the deployment of Masternodes, you get incentives from TransferCoin (TX). These nodes incentivize the network with unique matrix that have specific functions and allows for voting capabilities. This is another reason you should put your stakes on the platform.

If the last 24 hour statistics are anything to go buy, this is a coin that is going places. At the time of writing, the TX coins was trading at $2.71; a tremendous growth of 85.18%. With the benefits that come with the ecosystem, you cannot go wrong with the network.

With the rate at which cryptocurrencies are being adopted by users, in the next ten years TransferCoin will be the in-thing when it comes to discreet transactions. On the other hand, the network is bridging the existing gaps between the digital currencies and vendors.

TX coin offers the best fungibility in the crypto-landscape. This means you can easily exchange your TX with BTC, ETH or XRP without losing value. This is ideal given that there are many cryptocurrencies and Altcoins and you cannot afford to keep a wallet for each.

TransferCoin Future

The future of TransferCoin seems bright given that user benefit from the block split. This is an incentivizing feature that allows user to provide security of the network. Privacy is critical for transacting business across the borders. To assert their presence in the market, TransferCoin uses the TOR ecosystem that is trusted by millions of users and merchants across the globe.

The TransferCoin (TX) platform is still being updated and more features are set to be added. They have a very practical and consumer centric roadmap that any investors can take pride in. the platform growth is set to revolutionize privacy in digital money markets transactions and help enhance fungibility in the industry.


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