AdToken (ADT)

Advertising industry currently grosses amounts to the tune of 550 billion USD in 2017 alone. Advertising is a key marketing component in North America, Asia followed by Western Europe which collectively take up more than three quarters of the value of the industry.

“AdToken (ADT) currently trades at a price of $0.09 representing over 50% increase in price over the last week raising attention on the lowly placed coin.”

 AdChain protocol aims at capturing a large chunk of the ad market by making it cheaper, easier and more prudent to find the best publishing site to put up advertisements on the platform. While the United States still leads the advertising revenue at 34% of the total amount spent on advertisements worldwide, China follows way behind at half the amounts spent in the US. Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe are the lowest spenders on advertisements worldwide. However, the AdToken (ADT) will be most beneficial to these low end countries in an attempt to boost the returns made from relevant advertisements on the internet.

The numbers

The coin was first offered through a public sale where a soft cap of 500,000,000 ADT was placed during the initial coin offering. The coin had a quite successful coin offering, raising approximately $10 million at a price of $0.2 per ADT. To participate in the ICO you had to own Ether which was the only coin used in purchasing the token. A total of 1 billion ADT tokens are to be developed with a current circulating supply of 600 million ADT. The coin currently trades at a price of $0.09 representing over 50% increase in price over the last week raising attention on the lowly placed coin, which ranks 199 on Coinmarketcap ranking list with a total market capitalization of $57,901,500 USD.

What is AdToken?

AdToken (ADT) is based on the adChain network blockchain. ADT runs on the adChain which promises a blockchain based solution for digital advertising and marketing. The platform is built on a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain making it an open source protocol that allows the development of decentralized applications (dApps) for this largely centralized digital ad ecosystem.

ADT core development project team, MetaXchain, is led by Ken Brook, a qualified software developer who is the founder of Streamroll Media and VidRoll Inc. Both work in enhancing the relationship between the advertisers and their target market. Kristen Hester is the CFO of MetaXchain, also worked under Ken before in VidRoll where she served as the Financial Executive and HR manager.

How does it work?

The ad business suffers from one major problem, bot traffic (fraudulent advertising), where electronic bots increase the amount of impressions on a website cheating advertisers into advertising in an ‘empty’ space. The cost-per-mille (CPM) method that is currently used is a huge player in affecting the ad industry. Advertisers require their ads to address real human (non-fraudulent) beings in an attempt to increase sales. However, since web publishers and merchants are paid as per number of impressions the ad had, they tend to shortchange advertisers by increasing these impressions using electronic robots (bots). This token aims at rectifying the system using the adChain Registry.

AdChain Registry

The platform offers the adChain Registry which is a written smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain and stores a ledger of records of publisher domain names that are voted for as non-fraudulent websites by AdToken (ADT) holders who use the token in voting. ADT holders will access a token-weighted voting mechanism through a user interface to vote on whether a publisher domain is fraudulent or non-fraudulent. This ensures the CPM incentive of more traffic, more money is solved.



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