Kore (KORE)

The average daily Return on Investment from Kore (KORE) currently stands at 0.02% and is set to increase as investors continue to be bullish on crypto as alternative investments. Statistics from coincheckup show that if the coin’s growth pattern follows Moore’s law then it is predicted that its price will increase by over 100% come 2019 to trade at over $12.

Kore (KORE)

Kore came into the market with solutions to both private and transparent transactions. The payments are published in a public blockchain but the details of the transactions remain private, this does not mean that the currency is not decentralized or an open-source.

Through new innovation and “highly secure” coding, kore(KORE) claims to enhance the anonymity in market and technology operations such as communication. The coin uses a proof-of-stake wallet which was upgraded in 2017 that incorporates the TOR browser to achieve anonymity.

The History

Kore was first launched in 2014 and later taken over in 2017; the old developers left the project. Kore was taken over by Mike who renewed the team and integrated his ideas with those of the main funder of the KORE projects. The name comes from Greek Mythology meaning “phone”. Just like solving problems in ancient Greek was necessary, KORE became the first cryptocurrency to integrate TOR into staking & transactions, surfing will be more secure with the protection of Tor without the struggle to install. Besides enabling the field Information Sciences through cryptography, Kore aims at bringing anonymity and protection to privacy & Information Security in a simple way.

How does it work?

Kore(KORE) brings several features in the market that can be helpful to many users. KoreVoIP’s features include voice and chat communication through any network, with this feature the communication is encrypted hence secure & untraceable. The beauty is that no software is required to be downloaded to facilitate the communication.

An anonymous proof of burn protocol is encompassed in kore to make transactions anonymous; this is through keeping the source of the coins anonymous. Another feature is the Korebay which enhances anonymous shopping but not that of illegal goods, this feature allows accessibility to decentralized market places. Firesurf, a feature in the kore ensures that anything done using the coin is encrypted, anonymous and private; an additional security.

 Kore Special Features


Kore takes the privacy and security of communication between parties that want to remain discrete to a new level. This feature encrypts and makes any form of communication not traceable.


Users within the Kore platform can now hide the source of the KORE coins used for transactions using the Proof of Burn protocol.


The Economics of demand and supply are taken to the blockchain level by the Kore infrastructure; users can interact and exchange goods and services in a decentralized place without revealing their identity.


This additional feature is like insurance as it adds to the security of the already existing protocols within the Kore network.

Mining & Purchase (KORE)

When Kore was acquired, they upgraded their blockchain to a new proof-of-stake with a masternode consensus mechanism and blockchain. Initial users had their balances held at the bittrex platform retained and transferred to a new kore wallet with a new a more effective code. The coins can be obtained from a list of exchanges listed in the Kore website and using the kore wallet one can purchase or sell the coin for other crypto currencies or fiat money. As of October 2017, 2 million coins were in supply and were made available to the owners within the very first block. The nasternodes introduced by the first wallet release in the initial launch are available in both Linux and Windows operating system.

Price Analysis

Kore (KORE) is currently traded in two coin exchanges; Upbit and Bittrex with an approximated volume of $41.1 million worth of KORE. The coin can be acquired at $6.55 USD as of press date; this comes after a bullish price change of over 67% within the last 24 hours. The coin is currently ranked 163 out of 599 Nano Cap coins in volatility with a 78% associated risk within the last 20 days. The amount of KORE in supply stands at 2.02 million with a relatively high liquidity ratio of 317%.



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