Status (SNT)

The future of Status (SNT) is destined for success with the current attempts at developing a super decentralized application (dApp) that will allow its users an encrypted platform to message chat, browse and transact their funds. The ‘WeChat’ kind of app provides an interface to Android and iOS phones to access decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

The recent major developments in Status platform will see its price push past the dollar mark in 2018 and possibly reach the $5 mark within the next two years. This is my opinion and any investors wishing to invest in Status (SNT) should do their own research. However, the opinion is not blankly put out as the coin has already shown much promise in 2018 reaching a high of over $0.6 this January. The development, management and marketing team are constantly working on core developments of the system, partnerships and adoption of the token respectively.

Award Winner at the 11th Annual Netexplo Innovation Forum.

This February, Status Research & Development GmbH received the UNESCO NetExplo award which is given to the most innovative companies in digital enhancements and innovative spaces. The team was awarded in Paris on the 13th of February 2018 with the COO Nabil Naghdy accepting the award.

“We’re honored to receive this recognition. We believe Status will be transformational — fundamentally changing how people use the Web — and we’re very proud to be a part of this special event with so many other amazing innovators at the UNESCO House.”

-Nabil Naghdy, COO Status

The award recognizes the efforts that Status (SNT) is taking in integrating the blockchain technology to the common people through their smartphones. The team is committed to making the dream of total control through decentralization is achieved very soon.

External investment in and

Another major event pushing the SNT token towards the dollar mark is the recent acquisition of and as reported on their Medium page. Riot platform is still at its beta stage collaborates with the Matrix protocol to provide a decentralized, encrypted and safe platform to chat and message.

The platform is built on an open source protocol provided by Matrix so as to provide its users a bridge to any apps on the Matrix protocol (such as Slack) and any clients compliant with the Matrix protocol. This makes the network architecture a truly open, trusted and globally decentralized system to its users.

Status (SNT) is on a race to pass the $1 mark with various coins such as Stellar (XLM) also looking for the dollar mark soon. The coin currently trades at $0.178664, grossing a market cap of $620,050,515 USD. This places the coin at 34th on Coinmarketcap ranking of the largest coins according to market capitalization.


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