Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is among over 1000 cryptocurrencies currently traded in various coin exchanges. The highly volatile cryptocurrency market that is speculated to be a repeat of the by crypto critics is consistent of coins like XLM with a market cap of over $6,000,000,000 and a comfortable top 10 ranking according to coinmarketcap. It is barely 24 hours since BACE announced on twitter that they will be listing XLM among other popular exchanges one can trade XLM coins;

Stellar (XLM) 2018 Prospects!

The Stellar team has been making giant moves in the crypto arena; towards the end of 2017 the team increased their human resources significantly as a first step to accomplish their 2018 roadmap. XLM has a couple of goodies for the finance & tech world in 2018 and things are already looking good for the coin as the Stellar community awaits the release of the new wallet this March. Stellar hired an experienced team to assist them in product development in 2018 which has been tasked with building an inherent decentralized exchange, SDEX.

SDEX feature is set to increase the adoption of the stellar network and value of Stellar (XLM) in future, the coin which currently trades at $0.34 has the potential to increase by over 500% within the next five years. This is one of the crypto projects that has received much recognition and so far have accomplished strategic partnerships with big corporations like IBM. Interested investors and Stellar followers would be interested to know that the SDEX project among top priorities in 2018 and the team has managed to make internal prototypes so far. The SDEX is one feature all crypto enthusiast should be looking forward to, it enhances the Stellar protocol in a couple of ways;

  • Make crypto trading much easier by allowing on-chain and protocol level trades for XLM coins.
  • Reduce the volatility associated with physical assets; this is through enhancing liquidity of assets backed on the stellar network.

Users within the stellar network will be able to carry out trades with any type of currency on the network; this will be at a very minimal time span and friendly transaction fees. Stellar (XLM) understands the importance of enhancing the strength of anchors and market makers within their platform, this strategic action is currently underway with grants being offered for interested partners.

Stellar (XLM) has been a quite noticeable coin in the past six months with its algorithmic proof of consensus receiving a 3.7 out of 5 rating, the coin’s protocol currently stands at position 54 according to coincheckup. This is not only theoretical but the platform’s impact on linking physical assets to blockchain continues to be a game changer in the banking industry though gradually.

Jeremy Rubin, Bitcoin core developer is among the interested parties in developing the WTF, Stellar is hopeful that this product set to be complete in 2018 will reduce their 30 day volatility from the current 67% as users continue to realize and appreciate the working product. Secrecy has become of much value in the 21st century and cryptocurrency so far has not been one of those technologies that guarantee full privacy as of now. The increasing market demand for private transactions will be the main target of this lightning feature soon to be in the stellar platform. Lighting is set to give Stellar better scalability prospects which mean the coin has the potential of improving its security and transaction features in the near future.

Price Analysis

Stellar (XLM) is set to be bullish and bearish in the next few years until the crypto craze is finally brought to level by the market forces of demand and supply. Given its fundamental value and strategic partnerships the coin is likely to increase from its current $70,000,000 trading volume in a day to over $100,000,000 in the next quarter. The XLM coin is yet to join the over $1 coins in price although it hit a high of $0.8 in the beginning of January, Stellar was not spared by the bearish crypto market a few weeks later which saw it reduce by over 50% in price.


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