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Dr. Lucas Lu, CyberMiles founder is one of the crypto players that have had an opportunity to discuss about the impact of cryptocurrencies with President Trump. This happened at a business summit that was graced by the presence of the two; they particularly touched on how blockchain and crypto can be used as an advantage to put American companies on the radar.

CyberMiles (CMT) platform is well advanced and looks out for businesses within any industry. The main objective of this network is to enable the whole ecosystem of a company to function effectively; suppliers, creditors and interested parties outside the organization share a common ledger.

CMT is one of the tokens that utilize smart contracts for approvals within the network through its own protocol “Smart Business Contracts”. The cryptocurrency is set to be highly valuable in future as its users and community will have the advantage of avoiding high bank settlement fees.

What Does CyberMiles (CMT) have in store for 2018?

Alternative Network Explorer

CyberMiles have been working on a blockchain explorer which was recently released; the platform is for the Cosmos Hub Blockchain. CMT users will have an alternative to approve transactions on the Cosmos platform that is publicly available. This new explorer is built on Cosmos Gaia testnet, the project is still scalable and interested developers are making their contributions on Github.

Platform Testnet

The team behind CyberMiles (CMT) is launching a testnet that is open to developers interested in making smart contracts within the ecommerce space. This is a game changer for CMT as it perfectly falls in line with the token’s long term objective, the platform hopes to gain more users especially within the USA market where it has received attention from a couple of companies.

More CMT Tokens

This is one cryptocurrency that is not short of partners, one of its strategic allies, ArcBlock, surprised the crypto market when it raised over 6,000,000 CMT. This was during ArcBlock’s ICO as they began their journey in changing the blockchain tech, they aim at supporting developers to build and deploy DApps on their platform.

Market Comparison

CyberMiles (CMT) is among the tokens taking the ERC20 to the next level, this crypto introduces a Smart Business Contract designed to suit the operability of businesses. What is fascinating about CMT’s contracts is the ability to function more effectively in approval and transactions than ETH as a result of its advanced power. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, CyberMiles has narrowed down to a market that has been there since the era of traditional finance, E-commerce. Companies will now be able to build DApps easily on the CMT platform enhancing their business models.

The presence of CyberMiles will not take long to be felt in the USA, 5miles which is a partner to CMT is set to move masses to the CyberMiles blockchain network. Users will now be able to store important financial records such as financial reputation in a decentralized network. This means that the blockchain technology will bring privacy and security to transactions within the E-commerce arena. CyberMiles is not different from ETH when it comes to issuing ICO’s, users who have built systems on the CMT platform can in turn issue unique ICO’s for their platform. The speed of transactions within the CMT platform is a thousand times that of Ethereum (ETH), this is enabled by its powerful Proof-of-Stake protocol.

Price Analysis

The CyberMiles (CMT) Micro Cap token is currently trading at $0.1388 which is still way below from its fundamental price if one was to carefully analyze its working product. The token’s 24 hour average trading volume is at $4.19 million and is set to increase in the course of 2018 as more E-commerce businesses embrace the blockchain technology. The crypto whose liquidity ratio is at 5.5% is ranked at position 193 according to its current market cap of $55,090,997. CMT is quite volatile and any risk averse investor would be interested to know the coin has had a 75% 50 day volatility.



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