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This Tuesday, TRON (TRX) announced a strategic partnership with, the revolutionary travel booking blockchain. is the first blockchain to dwell in the travel industry offering a fully decentralized, commission free and transparent online booking office to sort all your travelling needs. This partnership is without doubt a plus to both blockchains with TRON expanding to the travelling business and dwelling further into the entertainment industry. It is almost impossible to separate the two though. This mutual cooperation between TRON and will strengthen the sides to finding opportunities and taking advantage of various competitive advantages in the travel territory.


“The cooperation between the two sides will be based on the accumulation of their respective industries and advantageous resources, seeking opportunities for win-win cooperation.”

-Wesley Shen, co-founder of is a blockchain based travelling platform that is fully decentralized, transparent and immutable as its network leverages on blockchain technology. This offers its users a unique, efficient and public service ecosystem while globally connecting customers, hoteliers, catering services and any other stakeholder in the travelling industry. This greatly reduces the costs associated with travelling such as commission fees. With tis recent partnership with TRON (TRX), will benefit greatly by connecting and integrating TRON’s entertainment to improve the customers’ and service providers’ experiences.

This recent blockchain development will revolutionize the travel industry an overhaul the traditional way of doing business in the industry. The company looks to add sweet tale to this centralized industry, offering competition to already established companies such as ‘Airbnb’ and the rest in the industry.

The development team is led by Wesley Shen, co-founder and CEO of and George Zhu, co-founder and CTO of the company. The development team is highly experienced with members previously working for large multinationals such as Microsoft, Alibaba, E-Long, Ctrip and Amazon.


“With its huge travel, tourism market and OTA experience of many years [] is considered to fast-land, leveraging a large stock market. Meanwhile, it will increase strength for TRON network development.”

-Justin Sun, founder of TRON

The company is still at an early adoption stage as it continues to develop the TRIPIO token and seek funding for further innovation. is capital funded by various corporations within and without the blockchain business who believe in the success of the project such as TRON, NodeCapital, OKBlockchain Capital, BlockVC, Genesis Capital and F2Pool. The company raised about $15 million from private sourcing.

Even more partnerships…

“Justin never sleeps.”

Later on Wednesday, TRON foundation announced another partnership by establishing a strategic cooperation with BitGuild, a blockchain-based online gaming platform. The company aims at innovating and decentralizing the traditional online gaming vast market of over $100 billion USD by connecting and strengthening the relationship between global gamers, content creators, developers and hosting gaming events. BitGuild and TRON (TRX) look to building a collaborative partnership that will see TRON dwelling into the gaming world as it seeks to totally revolutionize entertainment industry as we see it today.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON foundation, has been a vocal figure at promoting the blockchain technology as the future of business. This recent partnerships TRON is making will be key to all blockchains especially in the service industry to ensure efficiency, speed and fair wages are achieved by every participant in the respective industry. With these two strategic and relevant partnerships, TRON keeps on showing why it is the best coin to buy and hold for any investor with a long term expectancy. Justin never sleeps and this may be the reason I will keep backing TRON (TRX) to be coin of 2018. Well done Justin!


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