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Cryptocurrencies have been on a bullish trend in the last quarter of 2017 and part of 2018’s first quarter. This gives investors something to hope for as more corporations adapt the blockchain and altcoins, Cofound.it (CFI) is one of the crypto players that has proven potential in moving traditional finance to the blockchain platform. The network offers investors an opportunity to have projects evaluated by experts before releasing funds in the escrow account. Users within the platform pay fees for services using the CoFound.it network tokens. CoFound.it have gone a mile further by providing a second token to be used as a support token in the network, the Cofound.it token enhances the speed of transactions and quality of approvals in the blockchain.

Value Creation in CoFound.it

The Cofound.it platform is an online network that links supply with demand in a modern and effective manner, the main objective of its protocol is to link service providers with clients. However, this is taken to a different level by the enhanced security features that most crypto enthusiasts would give priority in an investment decision. One would have to purchase Cofound.it tokens in order to make contributions to the network. The blockchain application is not very different from the likes of upwork payment system; an amount is deposited in an escrow account for a client to hire services within the network. This ensures that tasks are well executed and are reviewed by experts within the network at a fee before funds are released.

This platform is quite unique with how rights are shared among the CoFound.it (CFI) community and contributors; access to parts of the network is exclusive to holders who hold a certain amount of Cofound.it tokens. Expertise within the platform when it comes to project evaluation is one of the factors that are expected to distinguish it from current websites offering similar services. Incentives of CFI tokens paid to evaluators and developers are expected to keep the CFI tokens in supply well in balance to increase its value in the near future.

Competition Overview

The market approach taken by Cofound.it team is quite aggressive when it comes to changing the crowdfunding industry and Venture Capital space. However, more focus has been directed to being an investment catalyst within the industry as opposed to a competitor. Cofound.it believes that the blockchain technology is more useful is enhancing the growth of corporations and entrepreneurs hence its financial approach in protocol development.

Cofound.it is well aware of the importance of qualified personnel in product development; it is one of the few tokens that have embraced the reward system to improve contribution and quality. Developers and evaluators within the network receive 15% of the tokens which will be reviewed half yearly, the team is also expected to be transparent and a public auditable wallet for them is one of the features introduced by this platform to ensure this. Users who would prefer to join the Cofound.it (CFI) network in future have something to be excited for besides a promising market value, 20% has been set aside as a reward for them.

Worldwide Adoption Prospects

To be a successful crypto is dependent on a couple of factors with its fundamental value being the most important for long term predictability. Cofound.it understands that to be global the team needs to work on factors outside development while diversifying talent and product development; the team is looking into a couple of prominent locations for setting up shop. Asia is one of the areas where Cofound.it is established with an innovation hub in Taiwan. Well known hubs that have good prospects so far include the European Cofound.it hub. The team is already making plans to venture into the USA beginning with prominent destinations like New York City.

Price Analysis

CoFound.it (CFI) is currently trading at $0.1068 with a high of $0.12 in the last 24 hours.  The token is yet to join top 200 tokens in market capitalization with a mere $34,767,850 value as of press date. Volatility is high when it comes to crypto but CFI has managed to attain a minimum of 12% volatility in the past week. Crypto investors who would want to be part of this working product can get the tokens from markets such as HitBTC & Upbit.


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