Lisk (LSK)

Lisk (LSK) held a relaunch of their coin late last month, February 2018, introducing the Lisk Academy and other projects that were being developed on the network. The company held its first annual conference on the same day as the relaunch giving an update on the upcoming Lisk Core update that is scheduled to be released this coming month. The event also saw a new revamped logo and website and the Lisk Academy which will help young learners and amateurs in the blockchain field have a smooth entrance into the crypto arena.

Lisk Core1.0 update

The Lisk (LSK) platform development team, led by Oliver Beddows and Max Kordek continue to develop the blockchain core update and is expected to be complete and tested in the next 4 weeks. The focus placed on the Core 1.0 upgrade may well be the boost LSK needs as it targets the $50 mark this year. They recently added a new development team member, Shusetsu Toda, as the fullstack developer and key figure in putting up the Lisk Hub which was unveiled in February.

What Lisk does

The platform aims to be the first successful modular that allows programmers and coders to use the Javascript language to create decentralized applications (dApps). To do this Lisk platform harnesses both the power of blockchain technology and the Javascript language to allow the developers a platform that is accessible and simple to create and build.

Currently, Javascript can run on any browser hence any dApps on the Lisk blockchain will be accessible to any user without any need for extensions. The variability of the Javascript language gives its users familiar and different preexisting tools to use to develop the applications.

How Core1.0 helps

Lisk platform is currently at 97% upgrade status as per last report by the development team on the relaunch day. The platform is to be upgraded from version 0.9.3 to 1.0.0 in 4 weeks’ time giving developers on the blockchain a stable, scalable and fast Lisk platform to develop their dApps.

It is crucial to notice that it is not a Software Development Kit upgrade but rather the Lisk Core upgrade. A proper way to phrase would be “SDK version ABCD that includes Core version 1.0.0”. Lisk Core is a major component to the SDK. The LSK SDK also includes the Lisk-Javascript, Lisky and the Lisk client.

What this upgrade means:

  1. Faster transactions per second on the blockchain.
  2. A secure, safe, immutable and incredibly fast platform to create dApps and transact.
  3. It will utilize more nodes and cores hence more sidechains will also inherit the powerful network provided by Core 1.0 to enhance the performance greatly.


Price Analysis

Lisk (LSK) has seen a rough time since hitting its all-time high price of $38.93 USD per LSK coin. The coin currently trades way below this price at $14 per coin at time of press. The coin has seen a 17% drop in price week on week placing it second in the small cap coins category that has collectively lost over 30% since the start of March. The waves however seem to have calmed after another mini-shock sale in the cryptocurrency field occurred this week. The coin is still on course to surpass the $50 mark with this latest development which will increase the users of the Core 1.0 update and LSK tokens.


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