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This week the market has been rather fair to the cryptocurrency market with the price chart showing all green. Bitcoin has seen its price rise above $9500 for the first time in a week this Monday with the price closing 16% lower at $8,900 USD. Zilliqa (ZIL), a coin little known to the crypto-communities, saw its price rise the highest in the past 48 hours amongst the top 50 coins to close the day at $0.0447318. With the recent listing of the coin on Binance, more is set to come for the coin in Q2 2018 and may well push the coin above the $0.1 mark during the period, representing a 3X gain. What factors will come to play in pushing the coin above $0.1 in Q2?

  1. Listing on Binance.

The just concluded voting period on Binance for the sixth “Community coin of the month” closed a week ago with Zilliqa  emerging third in the competition. This however did not prevent its chances of getting a spot on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange after the top two coins were disqualified from the competition. Elastos (ELA) and WePower (WPR) lost their positions as claims of vote manipulation using bots were raised. The latter aims to power Europe through blockchain technology and addition to the exchange would benefit the development of the team greatly.

The win earns Zilliqa (ZIL) a free listing on Binance exchange and the massive marketing that the completion brings about. The coin saw its price soar by over 25% after announcement of the news. The coin has slowed down but still ranks as the top micro-cap coin in returns for the past week. WITH Binance having over 6 million customers, it’s only a matter of time before massive adoption of ZIL takes place. Watch out for the zeal of ZIL.

  1. Recruitment of JP Morgan/ Blackrock employee

The company just recruited a JP Morgan employee directly, adding to their already stocked expertise. En Hui Ong is joining the Zilliqa team as the head of Business Development and help Zilliqa grow their blockchain ecosystem. She remarked at working with the young professionals in the dynamic space of blockchain technologies choosing Zilliqa as her place of work. En Hui also previously worked for Blackrock for four years before joining JP Morgan.

 “The biggest draw for me is the team. In blockchain, a young and evolving space, the Zilliqa team is very different from most projects out there. The team are tight knit, mostly from research backgrounds, and I value the professionalism and integrity that they stand for.” En Hui said on being asked why she chose Zilliqa. “That’s what makes Zilliqa special and why I chose to join.”

The Zilliqa team is led by Xinshu Dong, the founder and CEO of the company, and Prateek Saxena the Chief Scientific Advisor. Both are well trained and knowledgeable in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with over 20 years combined experience in the software development business.

This is set to increase the expertise and connections of the blockchain startup leading to successful, essential and beneficial partnerships that will push the adoption process of Zilliqa (ZIL) blockchain.

All the way up. Watch out for the zeal of ZIL!


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