Reddcoin (RDD)

Many people don’t know this, but Reddcoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the market. The only reason it has taken so long to grow is that the first developer team gave up on the project. However, the new developer team has done a really great job at improving the project. In fact, a quick look at the project’s current roadmap can tell you that this a crypto that is headed to the moon.

Take the launch of the Reddcoin LLC (US) for example. Once launched this is guaranteed to be a game changer for this crypto in a number of ways. The most likely one is that it will allow Reddcoin (RDD) to deal with issues of regulations more efficiently. There is no denying that the crypto market will get regulated very soon. The U.S has already signaled that they will be treating cryptocurrencies as securities. Other countries like South Korea have already instituted regulatory frameworks in varying degrees. In essence, by creating an entity that can deal with such issues as they arise, places Reddcoin in a good place for long-term growth. That’s considering the fact that it is one of the better-known tipping coins in the market right now.

As per the roadmap, the team is also planning to launch a mobile social wallet for IOS. This will allow for the integration of Reddcoin and social media platforms on the IOS platform. This is guaranteed to increase the levels of adoption of RDD by many social media users, which in turn will see an increase in the value of this coin in the near term. Reddcoin is planning on a mobile wallet for Android. Essentially, this will take Reddcoin global considering that Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Reddcoin could easily hit $1 in 2018 once this is implemented.

On top of that, the platform will be launching the prove-of-stake velocity version 2 in this quarter. This will make it even more secure for those who are staking Reddcoin (RDD). Once this is implemented, you can expect the number of people mining Reddcoin to increase, which will push up its value significantly. It will also incentivize active nodding, which means that people will have the incentive to use their coins, rather than just hoarding them. That’s the whole essence of cryptocurrencies, and for a crypto to be used as a currency, people must be ready and willing to use it. That’s exactly what POSV 2.0 will give to Reddcoin once launched.

The developer team is also working to have it added on Nano. Considering that Nano is one of the most secure wallets in the world, you can expect this to attract more investors into RDD. That’s because they will invest knowing that there is a place where they can store their coins securely, just like they do with Bitcoin and other major coins.

This roadmap once implemented will completely change the trajectory of Reddcoin (RDD). It could easily hit $1 in 2018 if everything goes as planned. It is time to stock up on some Reddcoin, with eyes on the roadmap.


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