Dash (DASH)

The cryptocurrency market seems to have stabilized and prices have been rising consistently for the past few days. To put the revival in perspective, 96 out of the top 100 currencies traded in the green on Wednesday giving back hope to the crypto enthusiasts. Dash is one of these coins in the positive adding $400 million USD in 3 days to grow its market capitalization to over $3.469 billion USD to place it 11th on the Coinmarketcap rankings. At a price of $435 USD, Dash is among the priciest per unit only trailing Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum. The coin ranks 14th on the monthly volume rankings as Dash announced their new CEO, Glenn Austin.

Glenn Austin is the newest addition to the Dash management team joining in the capacity of chief financial officer (CFO). He brings in a lot of experience to the firm having previously worked in the financial sector. He will leverage on this to grow Dash (DASH)to be the main digital coin for payments for merchants globally.

Dash is a digital currency designed to help consumers make payments for purchases made online or in-store anywhere in the world. Dash coins are stored in a Dash wallet from which all transactions in the coin can be initiated. Payment confirmations are done in less than a second while security is guaranteed through a payment verification process that makes use of 200 TerraHash of X11 ASIC computing power and over 4500 servers hosted around the world.

The system is also designed to be accessible from any device including smartphones. A Dash visa debit card is also available providing a complimentary means to access and use the digital currency. Its ability to make payments instant and secure and accessibility of the platform are key to the success of any payment system aimed at facilitating trade at the consumer level. The Dash (DASH)blockchain is among the largest in the market growing to 4100 masternodes in the 4 year period since its launch.

The blockchain was designed uniquely as an open source platform allowing members on the platform to contribute to its development by giving them an opportunity to work on projects and funding those projects that contribute to its growth and improvement. Members on the platform also get the chance to decide on which projects to be undertaken through voting.

In its efforts to improve its services, Dash is planning release of a new platform called evolution later this year, which will not operate as a separate platform but as an overlay to its already existing platform. It has recently filed a patent, “Methods and systems for Object Validated Blockchain Accounts” but will freely license its innovation to the public, a move that is consistent with open source feature that allows users to access its technologies and work on improvements for them.

On March 18th at the feedbands Dashfest held in Austin, TX, long queues were experienced as those in attendance waited to make their payments using Dash, evidence of its applicability in real life use.

Dash (DASHis also transforming industries like the legal cannabis sector where it is used by over 4000 merchants and up to 10 million consumers, as an alternative means of payment, cutting costs in the supply chain by removing traditional fees charged by banks and processors in facilitating transactions.


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