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Ripple has its best days this March. There have been great announcement every now and then. All these announcements have contributed a lot towards stabilizing the sharply depreciating XRP coin.

Previous Ripple March events

The month started with the Ripple (XRP) featuring in the ‘Fast Money’ on CNBC on 6th, which is a financial show. This set the pace by trying to explain to the public about some of the most influential crypto coins with Ripple being among them. This caused a bit of excitement in the markets with the value of a single XRP token hitting $0.985061 USD down from $0.953655 USD.

Next came the Blockchain Conference that took place in Johannesburg, Africa on 8th. At the conference, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer was among the Keynote Speaker giving an overview of Ripple attractive features. Then on 9th, there was the SYNC Meetup in Singapore, where Ripple’s Head of Regulatory Relations, APAC and Middle East gave a speech to a number of blockchain experts and developers on diving into real-world applications and future prospects. The latest was the Innovate Finance Global Summit in London on 19th where Ripple’s Marcus Treacher was a main speaker.

In all the above events, they include several global leaders in cryptocurrencies but Ripple (XRP) development team is highly respected and always given a chance to share its knowledge with the rest of the cryptocurrency experts. This is a strong sign of how Ripple (XRP) is strong and also quite respectable in the cryptocurrency society.

The impact of the previous events to Ripple markets

Of all the events that have touched on the Ripple (XRP), the London’s Summit was the one with the most impact. The Innovate Finance Global Summit was able to push the value of Ripple  from $0.552009 to current price $0.714317 USD. With that, investors can have a slight hope of the prices of Ripple ever correcting the huge downfall that have befallen it since the beginning of January this year.

The Upcoming NY Wall Street Conference on the future of Ripple

Coming Wednesday there shall be a Wall Street and the Internet of Money Conference in New York to Discuss how Ripple is performing especially after the major downfall. Investors are surely worried about the future of Ripple (XRP) especially after investing heavily on the coin after the spike in prices during the festive season of December. The conference in New York will deliberate on the future of the crypto coin with an in-depth of what to expect.The conference is expected to be moderated by Ripple MD, Daniel Aranda. The MD is expected to shed light on what the team is doing to rescue the crypto coin from the current situation.


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