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With the growing popularity with ICOs’s and TGE’s, funding of various projects has taken a new turn with modern demands. Stellar (XLM) is set to replace first generation blockchains like Ethereum (ETH)in matters of raising funds for organizational projects. The platform is set to change how businesses have discovered a new blockchain business model with Stellar.

The brain behind Stellar, Jed McCaleb is a genius in the cryptocurrency market place. Inspired by BTC platform, the Mt. Gox exchange idea came into being but he later moved to Ripple (XRP) only to leave later to form the current Stellar. He brought Strip who invested a whopping $3 million and later repaid with the Stellar native coins, the Lumens.

What is Stellar and what does it do?

Once the project is complete, it will integrate the global banking payment system with users across the globe. The Stellar system will become a robust payment infrastructure. You will be able to use virtual currencies to represent the traditional legal tender. It will take care of the volatility of virtual currencies.

With an inbuilt but distributed exchange, you will not be able to purchase or sell currencies. It is different from the typical cryptocurrency exchanges. However, you will be able to automatically convert a variety of currencies for ease of cross border transactions; it does not restrict you to a single currency.

Below are 4 reasons why Stellar (XLM) is set to transform the ICO platform going forward.

Solving the cryptocurrency Liquidity problem

With the demand for digital currencies on the rise, many tokens are coming up and are using the convectional exchanges. With Stellar, you do not need to use any third party currency processor. The transactions will be handled in-house. The current exchanges charge high fees; costs that Stellar does not levy and will solve the liquidity problem in the market.

The one of a kind built in feature operates like your normal distributed exchange and gives you control over your token listing and issuance.  This makes the process easy and fast and transfers are real time enabled.  With the ecosystem, you can you can create custom tokens that are accepted by the state agent regulations and set standards. You have the leeway to list your custom tokens to any exchange of your choice.

The Stellar Platform is Secure

ICOs gain trust when they are riding on secure ecosystem.  Stellar (XLM) uses the smart contract technology to secure its systems. Their state-of-the art coding language is superior to the Ethereum one. It allows you to write complex smart contract depending on your needs. This is a simplified measure to ensure your system is not hacked.

This is a lesson the Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb learned after Mt. Gox was hacked. Millions of dollars continue to be stolen by anonymous users by targeting the system’s entry points. With Stellar, you are assured of a secure platform, a haven for ICO’s.

High Performance Platform

Compared to other platforms, Stellar is fees are suited for the ordinary users. Transactions are fast with an unbeatable time of 5 seconds. Stellar provides transactions that are transparent and the cost of transacting is only 1 cent for 100,000 transactions on the platform.

This is the ideal platform for high performing ICO; a high performing platform allows you achieve your goals for less. If you are raising funds to aid a business project, an affordable platform helps you save from the onset. You are assured of gaining on the spent.

User Friendly System

A system that seeks to solve your problems and meet your demands should not be complicated. The Stellar platform gives you ease of use and offer you the right tools to fulfill your project needs. You can design and create your tokens within a couple of hours.

The stellar (XLM) simple functionalities are designed for those who are not tech savvy. You save lot if you do it yourself compared to hiring a coding expert. The simple platform programing is what many ICO’s are looking for. After all, the user does not care about the process but the end-product.

Mobius is the first Stellar use case and has helped many DApps to evade AppStore and GooglePlay unreasonable charges. These DApps are compatible with other blockchains and are highly secured against manipulations and hacks. All these make Stellar (XLM) the natural ICO platform of the future.


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