Hshare (HSR)

The world of crypto is fast evolving and linking the blockchain technology with blockless platforms has been among the issues cryptocurrency has been trying to solve. The good news is that there already exist a cryptocurrency that serves this purpose, Hshare (HSR). This altcoin is built against the norm in cryptography in order to be able to link platforms efficiently. The Hshare (HSR) team is well aware of the competitive nature in providing solutions to the financial world and has thus set its roadmap in accordance with the speculated market demand.

Hshare currently benefits from the popularity blockless chain networks are gaining, this include the likes of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) which allows consensus with the same effectiveness as conventional networks. The mineable coin is currently looking very good in terms of market capitalization at top 50 with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum shaking volumes within the crypto market. A few fundamental and speculative factors have an effect on the daily value of Hshare besides its price taking hits from the general volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The Hshare (HSR) Hybrid Consensus

Hshare have played it smart when it comes to the method of approving transactions within its blockchain network, the altcoin has incorporated a hybrid system in its protocol. This means that the coin was developed with both a proof of work and proof of stake protocol to facilitate efficiency within the Hshare platform. This is an advantage to the HSR community and coin holders as the system guarantees fairness, the misallocation of rewards that is common when using a proof of stake protocol is corrected by the PoW embedded in the network. Participants’ decisions are valid within the Hshare network which is operated by an open governance model; the PoS protocol allows users to engage in decisions that may have a major impact to the future of HSR. However, it is not all roses with the hybrid system as it consumes a lot of energy when the PoW is in use. Hshare team has assured interested parties that although the hybrid system may have a few loopholes it has enhanced security in the platform greatly.


Distinguishing Features in Hshare (HSR) Crypto

  • Sidechains; The Hshare is built on a hive function with dual sidechains; this allows the blockchain and blockless networks to communicate and transmit data effectively.
  • High level Privacy; The platform is one of the few that can boast of extra privacy which it attributes to Zcash (ZEC) & GBYTE. Compatibility with Hshare private and public keys together with a zero knowledge proof tech largely contribute to the security.
  • Hybrid Model; The governing model used by Hshare has incorporated both the PoW and PoS protocols making the governing of the platform open. Participants can use PoS & PoW to their advantage within the network.
  • Dynamic voting; Crypto enthusiasts would be delighted to hold the HSR coin which gives them a liquidity flexibility by allowing funds management through voting dynamically in the Hshare platform.
  • Quantum Protection; Computing power is making it increasingly easy for systems and new technologies like crypto to be hacked, Hshare have taken precautionary measures by initiating quantum resistance functions as early as the project started.

Price Analysis

The current supply of HSR coins stands at slightly below 43 million with the altcoin exhibiting a liquidity ratio of 1.29%. Hshare (HSR) is ranked as a Micro-Cap crypto as its trading volume continues to increase; the most recent statistics show an increase of over 80% within the last week. Although more crypto enthusiast continues to trade this coin, the volatility level is yet to feel the impact of increased demand and currently stands at a high of 60% within the last 5 days. The coin has been victim of the unpredictable bullish and bearish crypto market resulting to sharp declines and increase in price relative to the industry performance within the last year. Investors who are willing to be part of this project would have to part with approximately $6.83 as of press date with a small variance depending on the coin exchange.


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