The way forward for ICON (ICX) seems to have gotten a news lease of life after the confirmation that the coin will be listed on two major exchanges; Bithumb and Upbit. This comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market is at lows owing to the impending government regulations. This move has seen a lot of interest and the prices seem to surge to a new time high over the last months.

To addition to the good news, you can now change your Korean Won (KRW) to ICX coins from the exchanges. This has seen the ICX value increase from the $2.62 to the current $3.74 an impressive 34.63% increase over the last 24 hours at the time of writing.

With the ICX Surge be sustained?

Listing with the largest Korean exchanges means ICX is gaining a lot of popularity in the Korean market. However, it is yet to make itself accepted in the global market. If the surge is anything to go by, it is sending a global message that ICON ICX is coming of age; South Korea is just the launching pad.

Pairing ICX with the first fiat currency is good news for the token holders. Increased pairing means increased trade volumes and value. This has seen the coin gain against other major cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. It has gained 35.19% and 36.75 against Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively.

The ICX market capitalization has almost doubled jumping from the previous $597 million to $1.45 billion. The coin value has also skyrocketed by over 80%. Apart from Bithumb and Upbit, the coin is also listed at Huobi and OkEx.

The Future of ICON (ICX)

By listing at Bithumb and Upbit, ICON (ICX) is making a clear statement; to achieve its2018 goals. This will see the coin gain global acceptance via mass adoption. This is possible since users are seeing it as a spendable currency.  No one can resist the value of the ICX token.

ICON (ICX) is packaged to be the future of an easy to spend coin. It offers great opportunities as a business tool and structured to be a governance coin. The listing at Bithumb and Upbit is one way of warming up to more adoption locally and at the global cryptocurrency space.

The move will instill more confidence to the user and shut up critics. The lagging behind of ICX price has been getting a lot of negativity. The surge in the market capitalization has moved the coin to the top twenty and there could be better things to come.

ICON (ICX) Connecting the World

According to the ICON (ICX) website, the goal is to create the largest decentralized network that will “hyper-connect the world”. To this end, the ecosystem will ensure other blockchains will be able to interact with each other through the use of smart contracts.

The partnership between Bithumb and the Bitcoin’s payment service provider BitPay will also add value to ICON (ICX). This will see the ICON blockchain offer fast, reliable and cheap transactions across borders.

With these and the expected partnerships before end of the year, ICON (ICX) will be fighting to on the top 5 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. Being a network that brings other blockchains together, connecting and interrupting the world’s financial, learning and healthcare systems is their next frontier.

Why ICON Blockchain?

The ICON blockchain is designed to offer specific solutions. It is optimized in serving select communities by providing real life solutions and seeking to make use lives better. With the current interest, the platform is set to hit the $10 billion market capitalization mark within a very short period.

The digital currency is offering the next generation beyond the Korean population by making it go global world. Once it gains acceptance outside the Korean confines, the potential is there and going by user cases in South Korea, the coin has a huge potential once it goes global.

With a lot of interest and buzz around the coin, much more is expected from the ICON (ICX) price surge. Its listing on Bithumb and Upbit might be the long awaited stimulus to create the universality that lacks in the blockchain technology. With specialized and problem solving specific blockchain, ICON is the platform of the future.


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