NEO (NEO) is one of the cryptocurrencies that most investors and crypto enthusiast have been keen on since 2017. The altcoin enjoys a popularity privilege in one of the biggest crypto markets, China. Apart from taking the lead in the smart contracts arena, NEO has contributed immensely to the world of digitization of assets since crypto inception. The coin which describes itself as a non-profit community has enabled assets to be saved in blockchain networks as electronic data via smart contracts. This is a major contribution in to the security of physical assets as with the new NEO technology, users can be able to transact assets saved on the platform and verification of ownership done through voting within a short period.

NEO Roadmap Overview

The fast evolving world of technology has kept the NEO team in Shanghai on their toes; they are currently working on a couple of technological advances into the NEO platform. Their main objective is to enhance user experience within the network; NEO is working on a quantum-resistant cryptography (NeoQS) that will improve scalability due to the diversity of programming languages used.

NEO plans on generating its utility token until the cap set is achieved, GAS. The GAS utility token is the payment vehicle for service fees charged on the platform and for clients who would want their transactions approved faster. This utility token gives NEO a competitive edge in the crypto space as its fundamental value can be compared to that of a network digital asset. The reward system in the platform recycles all the services fees which are later allocated to NEO holders. The digital currency is also working on fairness within the platform; they are currently developing better voting consensus protocols as crypto continues to gain popularity.

Why NEO is the most popular China Based Crypto Yet,

  • Any crypto enthusiast would want their transaction approved within a second, well NEO currently boasts of being among the few cryptos that accommodate over 1000 transactions per second.
  • NEO is easily compatible with protocols that have been used by most ICOs that claim crazy amounts of tps; these technologies are the likes of sharding.
  • Users within the platform transact at no cost with the only service fees being charged for digital identity of assets.
  • The mode of consensus used within the NEO platform comes with 100% finality once the first transaction is approved hence making it difficult to alter transactions.
  • The NEO platform diversity allows willing developers to contribute to the network in different programming languages making it easier to engage the platform developments.
  • NEO has taken extra precaution in protecting its users against fraud; this has been achieved by an extra fee charged on the smart contract to serve as a defensive layer.
  • NEO has taken a different path from many cryptocurrencies where unlike Ethereum (ETH), NEO plans on abiding by legislation.

ICOs on the NEO Platform

NEO which whose development began in 2014 as an open source has made a couple of milestones to date. These include attracting ICO launches on the NEO platform;

  1. Zeepin: The team plans on utilizing the NEO platform to offer management solutions within the intellectual property rights field.
  2. NEX: This is the good news that all NEO lovers have been following up on, a move away from legislation through this fully decentralized network.
  3. APEX: The team in Apex aims at improving the business to consumer relations through the NEO blockchain; this is through improving data analysis and processing via smart contracts.
  4. THOR: This is the heart of any modern economy; payments will be transacted using the NEO cryptocurrency ensured by the compliance of digital ID guidelines set.

Price Analysis

NEO is a Mid Cap coin currently ranked 8th in market capitalization among over 1500 cryptocurrencies, this is very good given that the coin is trading at a comfortable $65.67. The coin had hit the high of $135 as late as February 2018 but the bearish crypto market saw the coin reduce this price by over 50% within the last month. The altcoin which is traded in over 20 coin exchanges stand at a 64% volatility in the last 50 days, this is not extreme in the world of digital currencies given that speculation has in the past driven the crypto market sensitivity.


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