Nucleus Vision (nCash)

Nucleus Vision (nCash) is a new concept in the retail world. This is a blockchain based system that will help you spend your digital coins in any offline store without being watched by the authorities.  This is a simple data exchange platform that will enhance your shopping experience. The nCash innovation comes at a time when offline retailers have failed to connect with the consumer.

Nucleus Vision platform uses your personal data to customize you’re your shopping experience. The system uses your “presence” to pair you with the products. You do not have to use Bluetooth or WiFi; it is your presence and preference that will be detected. This is a unique feature that will draw adoption through curiosity.

Nucleus Vision (nCash) Route to Market

The undervalued and less known cryptocurrency has hit the ground running and has already been listed on major exchanges. You can now buy your nCash from Binance which has a global presence. Since its launch earlier in the year through an ICO, the coin has attracted a lot of attention from major retailers across the globe.

The Venture capital mastermind, Tim known for his stakes at Skype and Hotmail has heavily invested on nCash and has been very instrumental in the platform development. The goal of the project is to make nCash mainstream. The team behind the project is quite reassuring to revolutionize the retail industry.

Simply put, Nucleus Vision is an IOT based platform that deploys an identification system that is contactless. With the system, brands will be able to identify you through data through blockchain supported channels or by presenting yourself personally.

Although the Nucleus Vision platform is still in bet stages, there is a lot of activity around. Soon, the retail industry will be disrupted.  With many cryptocurrencies focusing on smart economies and currency processing, we wait to see the impact nCash will have on the merchants using older platforms.

How to acquire nCash

Envisioned to be a realistic way transmitting data seamlessly to affiliates, you cannot mine the coin. This is an ERC-20 token which makes it ideal in the retail industry to protect the user from wrong conversions. For the system to work, your store need to be nCash enabled. This could limit the speed of adoption from merchants and ordinary users as well.

Currently, to own your nCash tokens you have to be part of the Nucleus Vision tight knit community. However this is envisioned to change soon once the rollout commences. With more exchanges coming onboard, you can purchase your nCash coins from these.

The retail market is huge ad has enormous opportunities and the Nucleus Vision (nCash) platform. By tapping into it, the ecosystem will be tapping into a future of value. The nCash demand and the response from the just concluded ICO is a true testimony of cashing out on the lucrative offline retail market.

Peek Preview of nCash Performance

After shedding off 6.30% in the last 24 hours, nCash is trading at $0.030808 as per the CoinMarketCap charts. The cryptocurrency market crash did not have a lot of negative effects on the coin but by virtue of investors staying away from trading, the coin did not scoop any major gains.

With a current market cap of $122,737,941, the coin managed to move $14,169,700in the last 24 hours out of the 3,983,937,436 nCash tokens in supply.  Ranked 87th, there is a lot of expectation and hitting the global acceptance for the coin to gain value and become a usable digital asset in the retail industry.

Given the coin is still in the beta stage, there is more in store for the retails players and other stakeholders. With many cryptocurrencies shying away from retails,Nucleus Vision (nCash) is set to set new standards for the consumer user experience.

The current low price is affordable and anyone can get onboard. Once all systems roll, the price will be too dear for adoption. This could be the right time to invest by simply vising their official webpage and register. You can also purchase some nCash from Binance online.


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