Ormeus (ORME)

There are many Altcoins that keep popping up every other day; thanks to the ease of use of the blockchain technology. Most of these coins are focused on solving real life problems and giving the user a better experience. However, green technology has always been the less addressed sector in embracing this technology of the future.

Ormeus (ORME) is a digital currency system that is set to revolutionize the green energy sector. To achieve this, the coin is focusing on the lucrative industrial cryptocurrency mining. Rewards from the mining project will go into the Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV). Below are 5 facts you should know before investing on the cryptocurrency.

Ormeus Market Penetration

At the time of writing, Ormeus (ORME) is making strides in the green energy mining sector. Powered by green energy, the digital asset controls the largest Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin mining rigs across the globe. This is a very lucrative industry and the coin is making an average of $8million every month.

The coin is still in the beta stage and expending its systems. In fact, 40% of funds generated from the venture go into purchasing state-of-the-art hardware for expansion. The target for 2019 quarter 1 is $511 million. However, the coin is only targeting profitable cryptocurrencies of repute.

Ormeus offers Security and Privacy

According to the Ormeus whitepaper, there is more in store for the investor. The platform is highly secure and offers user privacy. The coin rides on Ethereum ecosystem and embraces the ERC20 concept. Its native wallet does not have explicit PII or Personal Identifiable Information. This feature strikes a balance between security, privacy, transparency and accountability.

With a secure and transparent system, Ormeus mining will reduce the cost of the processes and lower transaction fees drastically, a benefit that will be passed on to the user. Bitcoin transaction fees are the highest and if this problem can be solved, the popularity of the pioneer coin will be restored.

Cryptocurrency Mining Rush

There is too much money to be made in cryptocurrency mining. It needs a structured institution to reap the benefits. As long as the digital coins will continue being mined, Ormeus (ORME) is the right digital asset to invest in now. Once the project is fully functional, the value of ORMR is set to skyrocket.

This is one gem that every cryptocurrency enthusiast should be eyeing. There is no other digital coin supported by industrial cryptocurrency market at the moment. This means less competition and more returns on investment. The beauty of the project is that it is supported by smart contracts that give it a lot of consistency.

Ormeus is Cheap

Those big cryptocurrencies were once cheap and Ormeus is offering you a fair value proposition. At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $1.58 which is a fair deal for any ordinary investors to stake.  The coin has appreciated by 21.12% in the last 24 hours against the dollar, 25.61% and 24.38 against BTC and ETH.

The coin is yet to get to the top 100 thresholds, a feat it aims at attaining by end of the year. The community marketing team is working on mass sensitization and the anticipated result is mass adoption to trigger demand and thus increase its market value. The coin is set to attain the gold standard thus more traction

Ormeus to Launch their ATM

According to the blockchain roadmap, Ormeus is set to launch their first ever ATM and Credit care in quarter 3. These will be followed by user branded digital wallet to assert their security in the market. This comes shortly after getting listed on the CoinMarketCap portal during Q4 2017.

There is a lot in anticipation for the coin and early adoption is a surefire way for any investor to growth their digital currency portfolio. The price might not stay cheap for long and diversification to the national green energy is possible in the future for Ormeus (ORME).


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