Wanchain (WAN)

If you are looking for a good coin to hold for the long-run and enjoy great returns, then you should consider investing in Wanchain (WAN). This crypto will be the next big thing in coming years. That’s because it is designed to connect blockchains. This means that as the number of blockchain projects increase, so will the value of this crypto.  But that’s not the only reason why it makes sense to bet on Wanchain, there are a number of other factors that are likely to drive up the value of this coin in the near future.

For starters, Wanchain has the characteristics of several cryptos merged into one. It has the attributes of well-known coins like Ethereum, Monero sand Ripple. In other words, it is an all-rounded crypto. This project is so good that it has even been labelled as the Chinese Ripple. However, when compared to Ripple, Wanchain is in a class of its own, because it includes all the attributes of Ripple, but in a fully decentralized environment. This is an advantage to its long-term growth. It also incorporates privacy features that mirror those of privacy coins such as Monero.  When compared to Ethereum, it is way better because it uses a prove-of-stake algorithm, which in turn means that transaction costs on Wanchain are significantly lower than those of Ethereum.

Secondly, it has a highly skilled developer team that is unmatched by many other cryptos in the market. A majority of the Wanchain team is made up of math PHDs. This is a strong indicator that whatever ideas they come up with in the future, they will have a serious impact on the value of this coin. The advisory team is also drawn from different nations including the U.S and Singapore. Already their expert advice has been instrumental in making Wanchain (WAN) the high potential crypto that it is today. You can expect even more innovative ideas going into the future.

Another factor that is guaranteed to push this crypto up in coming days is its partnership with Aion and Icon. The three projects are workings together in making different blockchains more interconnected.  As they continue to work together on this goal, you can expect the value of all three cryptos to shoot up exponentially in the future. That’s because they are focusing their energies on a high growth aspect of the crypto market, and that’s interconnectedness. Blockchain technology is only getting started, and many more blockchains will come up over time.  In essence, the ability to connect these different blockchains will be a great value driver for Wanchain going forward.

Going by its strong fundamentals, this coin has a chance to hit a valuation of $10 and above within 2018. Longer term, a valuation of $15 and above is possible, as Wanchain (WAN) continues to get entrenched in the market.  This makes the current price of under $5, a perfect entry point for anyone looking for exponential long-term growth. This is like all the good cryptos in the market all rolled up in one, to create perfection. It’s time to buy!



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