Storm (Storm)

One of the biggest value boosters to any cryptocurrency is a spotlight in the mainstream media.  The mainstream media usually leads to a surge in demand, and with it, an increase in value.  Two days ago, Storm (Storm) benefited from a mention in an article published on the CNN page. The article was focused on bitcoin and its growing volumes, but also dedicates a paragraph to Storm coin, even mentioning that it has some of the highest trading volumes in the crypto market. As more people get to read this article, you can be sure that a significant number will take an interest in Storm coin. This could easily see this coin jump into the top 50 cryptos, up from its current position, at number 69.

But it’s not just the mention in a CNN article that will push this coin up crypto rankings. There is also the fact that its team is made up of some very influential people in crypto world. For instance, one of the members of the advisory team is one of the founders of Bittrex. As such, you can expect this coin to be listed on Bittrex and other major exchanges pretty soon. Once this happens, trading volumes will grow even further and the value of this crypto will continue to grow. A founding member of Zynga is also part of the advisory team, which gives Storm coin an edge in the gaming industry, when compared to other cryptos that are focused on the gaming.  Once the levels of adoption by the gaming industry increase, expect the value of this crypto to shoot up significantly.

Another factor that will play a role in the value of Storm coin in coming days is the fact that it has a working product. There are so many crypto popular projects out there that don’t have any working product. Even major crypto projects like EOS are yet to launch a main net. That’s not the case with Storm. Storm (Storm) has had a working product for the last three years. In fact, one can download a fully functional Storm application on both Android and IOS.  The storm team also recently announced a partnership that would allow first class air travelers make their payments using Storm tokens. This is a strong use case that is guaranteed to push up the value of this coin up over time.  Not many cryptocoins have managed to achieve such a strong use case, yet they all hit record heights during the 2017 rally.

This is an indicator that this coin is working, and the fundamentals are right. When combined with the mention in CNN, and a possible listing on major exchanges, it is not hard to see why this crypto is a viable investment. All it will take is for a market-wide rebound and this coin will head to the moon.  Storm (Storm) coin could easily hit the top 30 in coming months. It’s time to invest before the price explodes, and you miss out on the major moves!


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