WePower (WPR)

WePower (WPR) is distinctive blockchain based platform that will enable you trade in power. It is will make investing green power possible. Participants will be able to trade green power fuss free on the network. With the token, you have power over your green power and access to a store of value.

The WPR token stores tangible value and HODL it you are assured liquidity. As a renewable energy producer affiliated to WePower, you can share accumulated energy to other WPR token holders. The higher the number of tokens you accumulate for long the more value you have in terms of energy. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in WePower.

WePower (WPR) Coins are Valuable

As the WePower platform continues to grow, the value will also moon giving you a value in the future; which is a good business model. As more green energy generators and users join the network, the demand for using or selling the token will also go up.

When you hold the tokens, you have a top priority during green token auctions and anyone can have access to the power at the right market price. With the number of green energy users growing every day, the uptake for the token will remain high. Green energy consumers know its benefits and have a global demand.

By integrating the WPR tokens with the Bancor ecosystem, users will have additional liquidity. This will help the token gain global appeal since you will be able to exchange your WPR tokens with any other digital coins traded on the Bancor ecosystem. .

WePower Transforming the Energy Sector

With the eminent disruption of the green energy sector funding, developers will ensure all users have access to the energy. This is a platform that will link the producers, buyers and users with transparency.  With the provision of the lacking liquidity, WePower is set to entice the high profile partners in the industry.

With theWePower (WPR) platform, developers can raise funds to support their projects by issuing and selling the WPR coins or tokens to investors and direct buyers. The tokens work as smart contracts which tie the producer to satisfy the user demands. This makes it for ideal upfront selling thus increasing green energy uptake globally.

WePower Global Collaborations

WPR tokens can only be used to trade green power on the platform but this has not prevented investors and partners coming onboard. This gives the ecosystem the global outlook and credibility users are looking for. With the increased interest from reputable partnerships, the platform is set to change the green energy arena in the coming two years.

Some notable partners include Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Accelerator (SBC) in Australia. The network has also extended its tentacles in Estonia by partnering with Elering that uses 100% smart metered gadgets. With these, penetration, credibility and transparency will be instilled in the green energy industry.

WePower Tokens are Accessible to All

Anyone across the globe can buy WePower (WPR) tokens using any currency of their choice. This makes it possible for anyone to have access to green energy. This will increase the token adoption and encourage more users to turn to green energy particularly in areas where the electricity prices and other fuels are high. Users have a bigger say in contributing to the growth of the platform.

With WePower, you can take part in the revolutionary technology by purchasing your WPR tokens using BTC, ETH and other select Fiat currencies. Some of the exchanges where you can get tokens within the pre-sale period include Huobi, Idex and Liqui. Liqui has WPR/USD paring for fiat users.

WePower Low Toke price

WePower current price is a surefire catalyst in wooing early adopters into the system and contributing to the grid. The WPR token is trading at $0.089357 as per to the CoinMarketCap graphs. Indications are there showing the price is set to shot with the continuing market awareness through the social media.

The entry price is idea for any investor will to put their stakes on green energy. The demand for green power can only go up and this is one good reason to invest in WePower.  This is a long-term investment proposition; the value of WePower (WPR) seems gaining traction since 18th March.


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