Qlink (QLC)

QLink (QLC) is launching an android mobile app through which users can access their products and services and is looking for ambassadors to help grow its user base in the US, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany and a few more countries. The app release is however not limited just to this countries and users with access to the android platform anywhere in the world can download it and access Qlink products through it.

In addition to KuCoin and Gate.io, the Qlink token has also been included to Binance exchange platform and is giving away ether units to users purchasing the Qlink token in commemoration of this listing.

At the beginning of the month, Qlink announced that it was integrating the Shannon consensus algorithm onto their blockchain which allows them to run a dual blockchain architecture with registration of digital assets done on the NEO blockchain and billing and transaction records processed through the Qlink chain, a development that greatly improves their PoW consensus.

Qlink appreciates the fact that liquidity of cryptocurrencies is enhanced by small and medium size nodes and its new system aims at rewarding them more, a contrast with the PoS system that concentrates rewards to those nodes holding a large number of tokens but which contribute less towards liquidity. The system also improves on the hashrate distribution issue that is a limitation of the PoW mechanism.

“The PoW and PoS have traditionally relied on a single node to produce work. The Shannon consensus however, delegates different tasks to different nodes (inactive nodes handle ledgers while rich nodes handle transmission for transactions) resulting in a more secure and trustful network.”

Qlink (QLC) is constantly looking for individuals to join their team to help in development and improvement of their systems. Gu Yong is the latest addition to the Qlink research and development team joining Chris Zhao and Owen Wang to work on projects to make the platform more attractive to consumers through the development of products and improvement of the system. Qlink is also currently looking for an experienced person to help in the validation of their Shannon consensus in order to further strengthen it and further guarantee its safety and reliability.

QLINK (QLC) at a price of 0.135 USD, has gained 10% against the dollar and 16.6% against bitcoin. Its market capitalization of 32.4 million USD makes it 225th on the coin market cap ranking. Qlink was developed as a decentralized mobile network bringing the blockchain technology to telecommunication. The token enables its users to get paid for sharing their Wi-Fi hotspot, purchase mobile data and sell unused SMS to enterprises among other use cases. Among other developments expected from the Qlink token developers by the end of the year is the introduction of an electronic wallet, partnerships with Wi-Fi operators and telecom cloud services and registration of their services as a digital asset, launch of a Qlink base station, partnership with car manufacturers to launch base stations among others.

Qlink was built to bring the advantages of decentralized systems such as flexibility to the telecommunication sector, whose products and services have remained centralized and non-transferable between the over 2000 providers globally. The Qlink gateway is a unique platform developed to link the Qlink (QLC) blockchain to telecom providers. The telecommunication sector is unique, with requirements that may diverge from other merchants and the Qlink ecosystem has been developed specifically for this market. It’s success will bring more flexibility to users by making telecom products tradable assets that are transferable between parties. Car manufacturers are increasingly integrating mobile device capabilities into their vehicle productions and Qlink’s decision to build base stations for vehicles is key for a seamless integration into all areas served by the telecommunication industry.


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