Dash (DASH)

Dash (DASH) is poised to interrupt the e-commerce industry by providing the fast and reliable transactions in a private environment.  Dash, is a unique online payment system based on the blockchain technology. The platform is set to position itself as a leader in the online payment niche, to achieve its goal; it is spreading its arms to other partners with players in the market.

In a bid to stamp its presence in online money payments, dash has brought in several partnerships to help expand.  Plans are also underway to list the coin on the CoinBase exchange, a move that will see it compete fairly with Bitcoin. Many crypto-enthusiasts see Dash as a sleeping giant with the potential to takes its e-commerce capabilities to the next level.

Dash (DASH) Price stability

Any cryptocurrency of the future is measured by its price stability. Despite the recent market crash earlier in the year, the roller coaster DASH trends are not something new in the digital money markets.  However, for the last 24 hours, DAH has remained in the red after shedding 2.57% against the USD and 2.47 against ETH. At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $358.99.

The last seven days have not been the best for the e-commerce payment coin; it started the week on high of $457.17 only to take a drastic drop to the current low of to $358.99. These patters seem to be a ripple effect of the recent partnerships and the investor is watching from the sideline to capitalize on the coins popularity.

Dash Partnerships and Integrations

Dash (DASH) has partnered with another digital currency payment processor; GoCoin this will allow users to pay for products using DASH tokens in GoCoin affiliate outlets including MovieTickets, CheapAir and Re/Max. GoCoin is set to add more outlets and this will benefit Dash.

In a bit to expand its e-commerce prowess in the market, Dash has also brought onboard Strike Social. This is a key partner that has been working closely with key multinationals including Coca-Cola, Xbox and Netflix. This means the Strike Social customers will enjoy lower advertising fees as compared to what they to YouTube and other social networks.

Another interesting partner drawn from unusual mobile payment platform is Piiko. This is a digital currency powered platform that enables its customers pay for their mobile phone usage. Piiko brings to Dash more than 600 mobile phone operators which is a big plus that will make DASH dominate the telephony payment arena.

Dash E-commerce Value Addition

With more consumers finding convenience in the e-commerce sector, it is only logical for the high price concerns to be addressed. The consumer is looking for a convenient provider with the lowest transaction fees and many are now finding a soft spot in Dash. In return, dash is giving back to the community by partnering with Arizona State University. The deal involves $300,000 grand to help students do research on blockchain and related fields.

With the e-commerce industry being dominated by few multinationals, Dash will make a drastic change on how shoppers and other stakeholders benefit from the sector.  Transparency, speed and security have been missing and this is what the cryptocurrency is introducing.

With the entry into e-commerce, Dash will make transactions fast, affordable, secure and private. This will be achieved through elimination middlemen and fraud that is common in the sector. With blockchain technology, all transactions are traceable and this ensures the issues or charge-back does not arise.

He hidden potential behind the sleeping Giant,Dash (DASH) will be gauged through the current partnerships. This is the initial catalyst that will make the DASH coin go mainstream. With more partners in the offing, the investor patience will soon stop being tested.


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