Matryx (MTX) just completed the global blockchain tour that saw them visit and make presentations in 3 Chinese cities (Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Changsha). Matryx offers a unique proposition for application of blockchain technology and is using such forums to share insights on their products and their potential for the future. An interview with Scott Morgan, the CFO of revealed some of the application tools in education and molecular biology currently offered by their technology. He further outlined other areas with great potential for the Virtual reality and blockchain such as structural engineering, drug design among others.

In its release of the roadmap for the first quarter of 2018, announced that it was spending more time in building the functional requirements and improvement of its administrative, development and operations infrastructure in order to make the platform quicker, versatile and more valuable while keeping tests well documented in preparation for the platform’s security audits planned for the second quarter of the year, after which the test-net will be ready for deployment.

Matryx (MTX) is a creation of, a software company that leverages on virtual reality and blockchain technologies to build intuitive and highly precise software that enhance and reward collaboration in science, engineering and research. Current methods of collaboration and scientific research have remained centralized leading to uncoordinated efforts towards research, often leading to duplication which is both costly in terms of time and money. These traditional methods have also limited contributions towards projects to accredited persons only, locking out the public who would otherwise have positive input towards projects. through its blockchain technologies is aiming to bridge this gap.

Their highly efficient software gives researchers and innovators better visualization for complex 3D data and enable for faster pattern recognition. Some of the software developed include its nano-one software which is the first in the world to bring virtual reality to molecular visualization and modeling and nano-pro which allows researchers to invite others onto a virtual platform for collaboration.

Vector calculus is a key concept with applications in many modeling scenarios and Calcflow was developed by as a learning tool using virtual reality to introduce foundations of vector calculus in a more intuitive way. Calcflow features are currently limited to vector addition, cross product, parameterized functions, Mobius strip, double and surface integrals and spherical coordinate mapping. is looking to develop Calcflow into a more robust tool for mathematical modelling and will continue to introduce more features to make it more flexible and capable.

Matryx was created as the collaborative platform, bringing together a library, market place and a bounty system that rewards participants for their contributions towards projects and their solutions. The research and development field has been opened up so that anyone can participate towards solving problems both big and small in an efficient, collaborative and rewarding platform. Anyone can raise a research problem in any field and place a bounty on it. Anyone on the platform can make contributions which are tracked on chain and once the final solution is found, all participants get a share of the bounty based on their contributions.

It has also been enabled for decentralized collaboration allowing for users from different parts of the world to collaborate on projects greatly reducing costs and making it more efficient by removing geographical barriers that would otherwise discourage such collaborations. Users can also trade digital assets directly on the platform for use in their research.

Since the day started, Matryx (MTX) has gained over 70% against the dollar and the two major cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum to trade at $1.05 USD. The 23.2 million MTX units in circulation bring the token’s market capitalization to about 13.59 million USD and place it 358th on the coin market cap ranking.


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