The world of blockchain and entertainment is only a few steps away from becoming fully integrated via the TRX platform. The team at TRON (TRX) has been vibrant building systems that will enable users to post content on the decentralized platform at no cost; the content will then be accessible to a wide range of audience. With the new blockchain system, one will be able to access entertainment content posted on the network and in turn up-vote what they like. The TRX altcoin is therefore a medium of paying royalties to up-voted content, the value of this coin is set to be bullish in future according to one of the team members as it will take time for the market to adopt and shift from the existing corporates like YouTube who currently dominate the industry.

The TRX Niche & Future Prospects

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network have been among tech innovations that have gained momentum and worldwide adoption this decade. The TRON blockchain platform has been at the forefront in bringing solutions to the human race, this platform aims at integrating the internet and decentralized platforms to enable efficiency and cut out corporates or monopolies who to date still have a major say on content sold online. TRX intends to continue making developments that will enhance scalability within the network with a long term goal of enabling companies to trade on the TRX network using their own issued coins.

Investors’ who are thinking about going bullish on crypto might find this simple explanation helpful; With the TRX platform one will be able to access a pool of investments, this comes from the concept that several companies will be trading on the network. Therefore, it will be possible for investors to sell the coins of company A and purchase those of company B in the TRON network to make gains. Users who interact with Apps operating on the TRX platform stand a chance of receiving rewards in form of TRX tokens that are used for transaction purposes within the network.

Strategic partnerships that can make TRX bullish Long-term

  • Peiwo & TRON partnership

Peiwo recently announced a partnership with TRON; this is one of the sensitive factors to the prices of cryptocurrencies today. TRON (TRX) is hopeful that the estimated 10 million Peiwo customer base will take advantage of using crypto wallets and the TRX token for easier transactions within Peiwo and the blockchain network.

  • Global Social Chain (GSC) & TRON

News that TRON and GSC will work together in order to accomplish the development goals set out by the Global Social Chain and TRX team have so far been good for TRX price. The two have an aim of optimizing all expansion resources such as funding by strategic integration of the two businesses and tech models involved.

  • com Partnership & the Love.Pet game

We all like learning about something new in an interesting way, this is why the TRON team have high hopes that they will penetrate the market following the release of Pet Planet game. The two camps have been working together with a strategy similar to that of Ethereum in order to capture more masses in a fun way using the Crypto kitties’ concept.

TRX Price & Value Overview

TRX tokens are currently ranked top 15 out of over 1500 cryptocurrencies in market cap while the price of one token as of press date at $0.045884, this can vary depending on the coin exchange. The altcoin is quite a volatile asset to hold given the general volatility in crypto although when compared to its peers in the last three months, TRX has shown a normal price curve. The TRX token can be traded in a couple of markets with Binance leading the pack at an average volume of $72,276,100 within the last day.  Investors who would want a stake in the project would be interested to know thatTRON (TRX) has increased in value by more than 60% within the last seven months. This is not a guarantee that the price will continue to be bullish given the high utility uncertainty associated with digital currencies so far.


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