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Coinmeet (MEE) is a new entrant for 2018, created as a token whose aim is to facilitating the development and trade of digital assets between parties. But as the coin market continues to get crowded, with over 1,500 tokens currently listed on Coinmarketcap since 2009, new entrants face an uphill task to forge themselves competitive spaces and win the hearts and trust of the consumers. Coinmeet have found the correct ingredients to win and a blue ocean in which digital identity is key- Passports.

Coinmeet is an inclusive blockchain ecosystem that brings various services and products associated with blockchain technology and digital assets onto a single platformthat can be accessed through computers and mobile devices both android and iOS. The digital economy which Coinmeet is designed to operate in has been divided into 3 areas; digital assets, digital identity and digital socializing with features that includes the capability to manage several assets in one place, a digital wallet for storage, a social tool to facilitate interactions between users, a transaction medium through which payments are facilitated and advanced user identification features.

The platforms multi-asset management is based on cross-chain adaptor which allows users to make deposits, transfers, payments and to list digital assets of a wide range. Users are also empowered to create their own distribution channels through which they can circulate and charge their assets. Digital socializing, includes among other features, the capability for private chats with end to end encryption and other security features therefore allowing users to exchange instant messages privately and securely.

The blockchain passport is a user identification tool integrated into the Coinmeet ecosystem. It applies artificial intelligence techniques that take the users’ biometrics such as finger prints, facial features, acoustic and pressure signatures creating a unique identity for each and storing it on the blockchain allowing them to enjoy a more secure digital presence. This creates an alternative tool for personal identification, without requiring traditional identification documents such as identification and passport numbers which have been the primary tools offered by various governments to their citizens over time. This technology also offers potential for application in securing many other areas of the economy that utilize an individual’s digital presence.

Other features available on Coinmeet (MEE) are mobile location based services with application in treasure games, socialization and over the counter exchange and payment. The Coinmeet cross-chain adaptor technology offers flexibility for users to seamlessly and freely convert between different digital assets on one account.

Coinmeet is trading at 0.0569 USD, a 32.56% increase against the dollar, 37.66% against bitcoin and 42.15% against ethereum. Its market capitalization of 11 million USD places it 389th on the coin market cap ranking while a trade volume of 34.33 million USD within 24 hours, which is more than 300% of its market capitalization, makes it a very highly speculated digital currency for the day.

Among the features expected from Coinmeet in the near future is the addition of a variety of digital assets on the platform in April and development of an interactive game called “guess currency”. This month, Coinmeet has participated in the TOKENSKY blockchain conference as the designated official community partner with the responsibility to broadcasting the whole site and interviews. By the start of the month, the token had its user base grow by 14% to 3.2 million. Coinmeet promises to accelerate improvements to the system to enhance user experience and is counting on the public’s confidence to help it grow.

Meta description: The Coinmeet (MEE) platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and aims at revolutionizing the passport identification systems. The platform dwells in three main areas digital assets, digital identity and information storage on a blockchain.


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