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Syscoin (SYS) entered the market in August 2014 as a new entrant in to the P2P market and has been sending chills through Amazon, eBay and the real estate sector. As the cryptocurrency market remains bearish, SYS is taking a different direction immediately after being listed on the Binance exchange. Its popularity has been pushed by community voting to trade on the exchange.

Traditional players in the peer-to-peer market place are worried and already feeling the heat from Syscoin. The platform allows users to create auctions which have defined time lapse minimum and reserve prices. Just like in eBay and traditional real estate market places and this will keep the price surge constant.

Why the Surge in Syscoin (SYS) price?

Syscoin was listed on the Binance exchange platform that has huge following and a global appeal. The volume exposure is one of the reasons why the price hit the market and started shifting north. However, the hype could ease off sending the coin to its stability. With many investors eager to own the coin, the trend might change making the coin price to plummet.

The good news is that the bullish tune might last longer after the coin partners with BitCab. This is a unique partnership christened “Uber 2.0” for the blockchain age. This could be the turning point for Syscoin (SYS) fortunes.  With the soon to be launched Syscoin 3.0 on 30th April; the price might keep climbing.

With the ongoing security and performance testing, the second quarter might prove better for the coin and investors are warming up to the features being tested on the platform. With such positive news, the SYS price looks quite promising.

What is Syscoin and How Does it Work?

Syscoin is an innovative decentralized blockchain platform that allows both individuals and businesses to sell their products and services through an offer marketplace. This is more of the eBay system but automated and easy to use. You are free to configure multiple options like any other auction.

This is an e-commerce centered application and connects the seller and buyer directly; there are no brokers or third parties. You create your own “shop” with a secure wallet where all transactions are done in real time. This gives buyers access to cheaper goods and services where transactions are traceable and transparent.

Syscoin transaction speeds are arguably faster than those of first and second generation blockchains and it is already disrupting the ecommerce industry. This gives users a level playing ground and other blockchain opportunities that traditional e-commerce service providers have failed to provide.

Syscoin (SYS) is set to become among the best blockchain companies in the world according to the UK National Press. The Richtopia list only goes for the most promising companies in terms of technology and market segment.

Syscoin is an easy to use application that you can install on your home computer or smartphone. Syscoin is currently a fork of Bitcoin and will continue to be merge –mangeable and can be accessed by any user anywhere across the globe.  The fees are low and targets mass adoption. The popularity of the platform seems unending due to its focus on the ordinary users and small businesses.

Syscoin (SYS) Price Analysis

Currently, Syscoin (SYS) is ranked 65 by market capitalization but the most striking aspect is its current price. The SYS is trading at $0.351956 against the USD (at the time of writing0 showing a gain of 1.95% and 6.94% to the ETH. This is a significant drop from the recent high of $0.907 after the announcement of launching of Syscoin 3.0.

The launch was slated for March 31st but moved to 30th April to allow the developer team to test the systems. This could keep the price bullish and things might change after the performance n security of the system is finalized.

There are more announcements in the offing including an application compatible with most smartphones, enhances master nodes for scalability and privacy in transactions. With these feature, the Syscoin (SYS) will become the biggest threat to eBay and change how transactions are conducted in the real estate sector and e-commerce in general.


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