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Compared to a few years ago, cryptocurrency users are focusing on what these platforms can offer to change their lives. Days are gone when the focus was on the financial gains. IOStoken (IOST) has headed the consumer needs and set to solve real life problems though the blockchain technology. However, investing in digital coins helps the platform to grow as well as your stakes.

IOStoken represents a new dawn in the crypto-sphere; a digital currency that gives you power over your digital wealth. The platform promises a secure, scalable system that works; it is the internet of service. With a capacity to process 1000,000 transactions a second, the system is set to surpass older blockchains.

With the current cut throat competition, the only blockchain systems to survive are those backed by scalability, real time transactions and secure. IOStoken passed all these and additional features are set to be added according to their whitepaper. The end of 2018 will see a different platform than the current beta version.

What is IOStoken (IOST)?

This is new coin in the market that stands for Internet of services (IOS) and has nothing to do with the IOS operating system. It is designed to bridge the gaps between the various online service providers. As a user, you stand to enjoy the services of a decentralized method to sell your digital goods and services.

The platform accommodates anyone who has a digital service or goods to over to the world. Whether you are in the content development sector, Vlogging or selling entertainment pieces, this is your platform. You can deploy small scale as well as large scale DApps depending on your business needs.

The IOStoken platform enables you deal directly with your audience. This eliminates third parties, increase transaction speeds and your digital assets are secure. With a proof-of-believability and additional consensus model, the application is set to set standards in the market.

IOStoken Price Recap and Projections 2018

The entry point during the coins initial offering was $0.01 with an anticipated 21 billion total supply. When it hit the market, the coin was trading at $0.023, a slight increase after the ICO close registering a zero market cap on January, 16th after trading a total of $98 million worth of IOStoken (IOST). The trends have not been that impressive but promising given the time of market entry.

The current price for coin for the last 24 hours stands at $0.024643 after shedding 2.82%. This has seen gains of 4.75% and9.35 against the BTC and ETH respectively. However, on average, the coin has grown in terms of volumes and price. This is a clear indication that it is a coin to invest and accrue gains as the project continues to be rolled out.

The future of IOStoken

With the figures above, the coin has huge potential. With Ethereum giving it a run for their money; the little known coin offers a better user experience, faster transaction speeds and scalability. It will take time for the coin to gain global acceptance which might derail it from hitting the $1 threshold.

IOStoken targets online service providers with huge following. It can be a better fit in supporting social networks like Facebook and twitter. At the time of writing, the platform has brought several partners to their stable. Some of these include Dfund, Genesis and Matrix.

IOStoken (IOST) is listed on Binance, KuCoin and Huobi. These exchanges of repute give the coin a global appeal whist awaiting the completion of the first project phases. The coin is already pairing with BTC and ETH since February 1st. with the support from their tight community, the coin is set to grow and with the IOST coin set to trade in the range of $1 by end of the year.


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