With bad news hovering over every other digital coin in the market, EOS (EOS) seems to among the few still on the green. Bitcoin dream of breaking the $8000 resistance seems farfetched as the price now hovers around the $7000. Most Altcoins have slowed their recovery moment leaving a few like EOS on the green.

With the increasing demand for decentralized applications (DApps) the future of the coin looks bright. With the desired scalability, the platform has the capability to support commercial DApps. The current and future traction of EOS ecosystem is based on its capacity. The increased number of investors and partners is due to the features already in place and those to be added in the near future.

With every digital coin bleeding, there is a lot of hope for those platforms that seek to alleviate the user problems. This is one of the reasons why EOS is still on the green and the trend might continue and surpassing the $10 mark before close of 2018.

EOS (EOS) Market Recovery Route

With most of the EOS holders and traders using UBit and BitHub, uptake in South Korea is on the increase. These two exchanges share about 55% of the total traded volume in the last 24 hours. This could explain why the coin is on the green and might stay there for the better part of the second quarter, 2018.

This popularity might continue once the EOS developers complete the Block.One project. According to the developer team, the TestNet version of the network might be launched before the end of April which will create additional interest for investors and partners.

With the anticipated price upswing, the price of EOS(EOS) remains stable at the $6 threshold before starting to appreciate. However, investors are to wait a little longer for the price to marginally rise. At the moment, they can still smile given the coin performance compared to other Altcoins.

Other coins that are enjoying a positive performance include the Binance Coin, Qtum and Tron.  All these share a common route to market; offering practical solutions to the user. All these are key players in the Asian cryptocurrency market and there is a huge potential once they attain the global appeal.

EOS (EOS) Future

According to the latest ratings from a renowned grading agency Weiss Ratings, EOS stands a favorite cryptocurrency of the future. With this good news, the coin becomes one of the best emerging coins for long term investment. The Weiss ratings focused on sustainability, interoperability and scalability.

When investing on new market entrant, it simply means you are betting on the developer team. If it delivers according to project projections, you are bound to win in terms of rewards. This is very true with digital coins and assets; you get the right confidence and you find yourself being part of a supportive community.

The EOS founder, Dan Larimer is a blockchain guru and as astute cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is also behind the Steemit (STEEM), a blockchain social network that rewards contributing participants on the platform.  EOS is one of his most ambitious brain-child and has the die cast for its future.

EOS is similar to Ethereum specializing in DApps, however, it far much superior in terms of speeds and transaction capacity. EOS offers free transactions and has the ability to process millions of these in one second. Its smart contracts side on C++ programing language which is better than Ethereum.

With the current feature and the anticipated new ones to be added before close of 2018, EOS (EOS) price will continue to rise. The price is also enticing for the ordinary adopter and ideal for big investors and partners. This is also the right time to buy low and gamble with the networks growth.


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