Status (SNT) was created as an open source messaging platform and interface taking blockchain technology on mobile platforms to another level. An android and iOS app is available in the alpha version which once installed turns the mobile device in to a client node enabling the user access the entire ethereum network from anywhere.

Users are able to have secure chats, send, receive and store ethereum tokens and other ethereum based crypto assets. They will also be able to discover other status users that are nearby enabling them to trade goods and services. The app comes with an inbuilt futuristic browser through which the user can access and explore other futuristic apps as well.

A new alpha version 0.9.15 was released on March 20th. This version includes a number of improvements to the platform aimed at improving customer experience and preparing it for a security audit and a closed beta version on the mainnet. These improvements include reworked features for chat related inputs, migration of the public chat to a more optimized version, design improvements in the profile and network page, adjustment of transaction cost to the lowest safe standard, capabilities for app reloading in development mode, updates to the wallet, push notifications among other features and bug fixes.

Status (SNT) has partnered with Déjà Vu Security, a company that has gained extensive experience with the ethereum ecosystem and smart contracts technology. Déjà Vu also served as a key contributor to the security audit of Go ethereum, to lead an audit of their systems and products before the release of the beta version.

One key feature that differentiates the chat platform in status from those provided in other blockchain applications is the ability to send make payments directly from within a chat, making the process seamless and efficient. The chats are secured through peer – to – peer encryption so that users can engage on the platform with ease. Like others before it, Status has fully open sourced its platform allowing any person to make contributions and to participate in governance.

The status hard wallet is another product set to hit the market in the near future. This offline wallet provides a safe storage for private keys while offering the ability to store, send and receive ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens. The wallet also makes use of the near field communication (NFC) technology making it better suited for approval and sending of payments. Status prides itself as a completely open source ecosystem and in that spirit, the wallet has been designed in that manner such that users can view, use and even edit code to further customize the wallet for their particular needs.

Status is the 42nd cryptocurrency on the coin market cap ranking with 314.2 million USD and 3.47 billion units in circulation. At a price of 0.0905 USD and a 24-hour trade volume of 30.5 million USD, the token has gained 3.86%. It is also exchanging at 0.0000127 bitcoins (a 9.82% gain) and 0.00022575 ethereum tokens (an increase of 8.25%).

The status token (SNT) is available for trading on the following exchange platforms; Upbit, Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, Ethfinex, OKEx,, Liqui, LATOKEN, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Neraex, Coinrail, KuCoin, BigONE, Cobinhood, Livecoin, Idex, EtherDelta and Bancor Network with 57% of the trades being on the status/south Korean won (SNT/KRW) pair Upbit.


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