Stellar (XLM)

The team behind the Stellar (XLM) seems to have various surprises to unleash before the end of the year. Their path to increasing the platform uptake seems to be on course. However, the developer tem and the marketing arm seem to share the same vision. To build a future platform that corrects the mistakes of older cryptocurrency blockchains.

If you are not decided on a coin to invest, Stellar could be the best choice, at least for now. Many coins are at their lowest and it is about time to buy XLM cheap. This is a future looking coin and the features they are rolling out makes it an asset worth investing in. As a payment platform, Stellar knows where to hit and when.

Stellar is not the only players in the currency payment industry, there are other players who are also scrambling for the piece of pie. As the fight gets fiercer, new strategies are the only way for the ecosystem to have positive impact in the market. A head-on confrontation is not on Stellars’ radar though.

Stellar (XLM) takes their Battle to Ripple

Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) are playing in the same sector; the currency transfer and payments. With the banking business booming, it is yet to be seen who gets the larger market share given that Ripple has more partners compared to Stellar. Each of the blockchain is fighting for that extra inch to dominate the banking and money remittance industry.

Ripple has an upper hand by introducing products that the banking industry was yearning for. The xCurrent, xVia and xRapid are all packaged to help ease the friction between fiat and digital currencies. Stellar is working on products that will be much superior that what Ripple has released to the market and this could dwarf XRP progress so far.

Stellar (XLM) hanks Ethereum for Its Mistakes

In the digital markets, there are players who are seeking faults from their competition to capitalize on. This could be the case between Stellar and Ethereum, there are many areas where Ethereum has failed its users and adorers and Stellar is stepping in to correct them. Going by past performance, Ethereum has exposed itself to many vulnerabilities and the time to correct them has come.

The Ethereum smart contracts are not 100% smart. There several hundreds of faulty contracts thus exposing the platform to hacks and manipulations. Any security lapse in a system impacts negatively on the investor asset and erodes their confidence.

Stellar is working on this lapse to ensure their system is 100% secure. This is a good reputation and once rolled out, the platform growth is guaranteed. Participants are looking for a secure payment system that gives them total peace of mind.

Stellar (XLM) Aims at High Profile Partnerships

Value adding partnerships are what Stellar is focusing on. Secondly, they are targeting to collaborate with established brands with global presence.  The latest Stellar partnerships might have left Ripple wondering where they went wrong. IBM, Stripe and Deloitte are global companies that Stellar has brought to their platform. The American tech company Stripe has pledged to full support for the Stellar (XLM) project.

Investors are eager to welcome the new exchange from Stellar, StellarPoart in May. This is will be a game changer in the payment industry. These additions will deploy IBM’s FairX technology and will have a huge impact on cryptocurrency trading and fiat trading.

Stellar (XLM) Price Factor

Stellar is seeking to expand in those “unusual” grounds and making positive inroads into the untapped African market. With the yet to be launched lighting network, an increase in adopters will seamlessly transact on the platform with ease. This technology allows for faster and secure transactions.

The XLM coin has remained on the green for several days and this is a clear indication that its popularity is steadily increasing. The coin is trading at $0.202193 against the with a 24 hour gain of 4.14% which is impressive given other Altcoins are struggling in the red.

Once all planned Stellar (XLM) features are rolled out, the coin will surpass the $1 mark and start mooning. The price is still below Ripples’ current price of $0.508735 but still remains in the red after shedding 2.50%.With the current progress, XLM is what many investors are looking for; a coin that is stable and secure. This is also the right time to by the coin when the price is low; the price might explode sooner than anticipated.


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