Radium (RADS)

Radium (RADS) is a different type of a cryptocurrency. It is software that you can use for verification. You can use it to verify transactions, files and identities among other functions. This is a coin with the core focus of solving real life problems. Based on the blockchain technology, it has the ability to harmonize transactions and enable real time verifications.

Radium is a blockchain utility application using proof-of-stake technology through its smart-chain core. It delivers decentralized services riding on the blockchain technology. With the smart chain data layer, you can access and read data using the Radium software. If you are looking for a secure verification and identity management tool, then this is your right application.

Radium (RADS) Market Performance and Prediction

With many coins still trading in the red, there seems some light for Radium coin, at least for the last 24 hours. The coin is trading at $4.16 against the dollar and having gained 74.31% while it is reading at 0.000623 to the BTC with a 24 hour growth of 79.07%. This growth might be short lived but going by the coins trends in the last 7 days, there could be some resistance.

With the market still bearish, demand for smaller coins seems to be on the rise and this could work for Radium (RADS). This is a short term run and could explain the growth in the coins market capitalization. RADS has already hit a market cap of $14,429,239 with a possibility of hitting $15million by close of the second quarter.

This is a secure and very stable blockchain and there is much anticipation on how it is going to transform the information sharing and verification market.  As a SaaS platform, its price growth will be determined by the adoption rate and partnerships. The market is looking for real life solution providers and Radium seems to read the script right.

What are the Radium (RADS) Features?

Once the project is complete, users will take advantage of the platform’s identification feature. This is a SmartChain based protocol that helps you in managing identities through cryptography. You can also verify your files and link these with a defined ownership. The system offers download secure environment and no other participant or third party can manipulate your information without consent.

Radium (RADS) is secure and backed with the stability of a cryptocurrency of the future. The systems nodes are spread across the globe so as to ensure the SmartChain is secure and there are no weak points where hackers can infiltrate the network.

Radium popularity has created interest from high profile exchanges. You can get RADS tokens from Poloniex, Bittrex, 1EX and Changelly. This gives the coin a global outlook that with act as a catalysts for adoption.  This could explain why the volumes are looking up for the last one week.

The Radium platform is an open source model and as a developer, you can be part of their community. Anyone across the globe can develop their applications on the blockchain. The interface allows ease of navigation and the right tools for any app size. However, the platform is still in beta and the team behind it is continuously working on new-on-demand features.

For the investor, this could be the sleeping giant you have been waiting for. Once the project is complete and launched, it will give unlimited opportunities to institutions and government departments that are seeking a secure verification tool. It will make it easy to share information and data that has been a bottleneck in these sectors in the past.

Blockchain information verification has always been a problem but with the blockchain technology, a new dawn is here; thanks to Radium (RADS). You do not have to worry about the authenticity and security of your information or the files you download online.


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