SaluS (SLS)

SaluS (SLS) might not ring any bells to many people but if you have been following the happenings in the cryptocurrency market, you will understand why this is a must have coin before the end of 2018. This is a unique digital asset that is set to bloom in a very short time. With the plummeting digital currency market, SLS has been able to navigate the murky waters without its price being scathed.

If you are on a mission to incest in the crypto-sphere, then you need to know what SaluS stands for and what direction is taking before end of the year. This is an open source platform that allows you to increase your Net Asset value (NAV) by using the platforms inbuilt application to tap into other cryptocurrencies and make profits.

In a nutshell, SaluS supplies you with SLS tokens that you can trade with other cryptocurrencies and digital assets. However, you can only have a minimum of 8 hours to trade your SLS tokens. The beauty is the staking is that there is no cap on how much you can trade. With as low as 50 SLS tokens, you can start trading and makes profits.

If you are a cryptocurrency guru and know the right time to take risks, this is your future coin. You only need to know the right coin to stake your SLS on and you buy low and offload high; simple. Well, staking can be fun when you have an overall idea on the right coin or digital asset to put your money on.

SaluS (SLS) Market at a Glance

By market capitalization of 48.8 million, SaluS (SLS) is ranked at 151 and the standings keep on improving as the market remains bearish. The SLS coin is currently trading at $48.28 showing an 18.17% appreciation against the dollar and 23.47% to BTC. If the price is what determines the rate of adoption, this should help you invest on the coin.

With the gains the coin is showing in a market where most major and Altcoins are in the red is a strong indicator how valuable the coins is getting by the day. The last 7 days have been a roller coaster across the market and SLS seems to be getting to the $50 mark resistance in the coming weeks.

The volumes form two major exchanges do not look bad with UpBit and Bittrex moving 61.01% and 38.99% of the days’ total volume as the social media and developer team remaining silent. With the project on-course, much is awaited from the team as we usher in the second quarter of the year

Getting the Best of SaluS (SLS) 2018

By taking a look at the SLS market cap, it is easy to make a decision on whether this is the right coin for you in 2018 and beyond. It is also helpful to look at the volumes before you stake your coins against other digital assets. With the increased spendable attributes of the coin, making a decision should be the easy part.

As a digital currency and asset investor, the history behind SaluS (SLS) speaks for itself. However, a thorough background check on your part about the coin will make you more informed and make the right decision in both investing and staking. It is also important to look at the charts and see how the coin is fairing against fiat and digital currency.

With increased global acceptance and ultimate adoption, SaluS (SLS) growth path is about to be unveiled.  With set aside reserves, development on the platform to a more robust application making it a good investment for the future.


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