Ormeus (ORME)

Ormeus (ORME) is a new kind of coin that shies from the cryptocurrency fad and seeks to fulfill it’s promised by reaching the targeted market. After learning of the very many areas other digital coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have failed; Ormeus’ “product” has taken a different path, to solve an existing problem in the cryptocurrency landscape.

How Does Ormeus (ORME) Work

Ormeus (ORME) has a very ambitious, robust and sustainable route to the market. This is a blockchain based platform that generates revenue through mining other cryptocurrencies using green energy. With this type of energy, the operational costs are low as opposed to the traditional electricity and fuels.

The system identifies profitable and mineable coins to mine. Currently, Ormeus is mining Dash, Bitcoin and Litecoin and is still extending its arms to other major players in the market. This has helped the like of Bitcoin to lower their transactions costs and lower traffic congestion levels for speedy transactions.

This is a lucrative area where other digital coins have overlooked. The popularity of the coin is based on the fact that as long as there are mineable coins in the cryptocurrency markets, its solutions will still be sought after. This is an Altcoin for the long term investor.

Ormeus Underlying Technology

The platform is fully automated and used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify coins that are profitable to mine. This way, the probability of making loses is minimized. With the current unpredictability can render the platform absolute. With this kind of technology, the systems will continually receive signals of the right digital coin to mine.

With the increased demand for new coins in the market, there will never be a dull moment for Ormeus. With many mineable coins looking for better transactions speeds, it is important to have a close relationship with a provider that is cheap and efficient. With a lot of support from the community, Ormeus (ORME) is among the fastest growing coins to invest in 2018.

Ormeus (ORME) Benefits to Go Green

One of the best things about green energy is that it is cheap and available. When you compare the price of green energy with electricity, you will realize going green is more profitable and the infrastructure is affordable. Unlike electricity, green energy is not seasonal; it is continuous without any rationing.

Green energy is clean; it is user and environment friendly compared to bio-fuels. In fact, many countries are giving green energy producers incentives to encourage investors to increase the energy on the national grid. Soon the likes of WePower might join Ormeus to interrupt the power generation industry for good.

 Ormeus (ORME) Market Performance

Ormeus has had its share of price fluctuations since January but on average, it has maintained a steady growth. At the time of writing, the coin is on the green and this might be a subtle indication of recovery from the recent market lows.  The coin has gained 17.92% overnight to trade at $2.11. This might seem marginal to the investor but a major boom given the current market trends.

The market capitalization seems impressive currently standing at 35.9milion against a circulating supply of 17,029,321 ORME. With the latest gains, the market cap might surpass the 40million mark by close of the third quarter and this is what most investors are anticipating.

The Future of Ormeus (ORME)

It is obvious that Ormeus (ORME) will be the last cryptocurrency to dies. As long as mineable coins exist, the platform will continue to mine and get rewarded for it. These benefits will be passed to its users and investors. With increased demand for new coins means the platform will have to increase its capacity to cope with the market demands.

As an investor or partner, you are guaranteed of returns for your stakes irrespective of whether other mineable coins performing well on not. This is the best value proposition platform that helps reduce the cost of mining making the cost of transactions low and increasing transactions speed which is an added benefit to the consumer.


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