Blocktix (TIX)

Blocktix (TIX) has announced the first ever event, Neverland to be facilitated through the platform. The blockchain is an Ethereum based smart contract that aims to facilitate connection between event organizers and a community that is incentivized to vet and attend events. The blockchain also allows users to post and watch advertisements associated with event hosting at a greatly reduced cost. Neverland festival is a two day event running on the 14th and 15th of July 2018 in Landgraaf, Netherlands. The event will feature performances on electronic dance music, darker techno tunes and other house and deep house music spread across 3 music stages with a long list of prominent artists set to perform at the event.

Ticketing has remained a challenge for event organizers as they remain a target for counterfeiting. The incorporation of smart contract on the blockchain technology into the ticketing process helps to mitigate against this counterfeiting problem by securing tickets and providing point to point transfer capabilities for the tickets.

The event, organized by Blocktix (TIX) itself, is the first of a series of events the platform is organizing for the United States and Europe. The company aims at demonstrating the capabilities of the Blocktix blockchain ticketing system in an effort to attract more promoters and users onto their blockchain.

This event is also important to Blocktix as it affords them the opportunity to fine tune their ticketing systems on a live platform. Each participant will receive a unique guest list ticket through the Blocktix app. The tickets however will remain on the Ethereum main net and attendees will be able to redeem them at the entrance on arrival at the festival grounds. Blocktix is looking to incorporate its experience in this event in other events slated for later this year in the United States. This is to make sure continued improvement to the system in a bid make it more effective and efficient as it prepares for its full launch in 2019.

Other developments on the Blocktix (TIX) platform include the development of a mobile app for both iOS and android devices which is expected by the end of April. The app is the primary point of contact between event organizers and the community with the blockchain through which Blocktix services are facilitated. The platform is looking to be accessible from anywhere and the incorporation of a native wallet solution enables this by allowing users to access the platform from the web without the need for a Metamask.

Blocktix has 40 million units currently in circulation are trading at 0.5119 USD, an increase of 89.25%, 79.83% and 83.83% against the US dollar, the bitcoin and Ethereum respectively making it the 265th on the coin market cap ranking with a 20.4 million USD market capitalization. A 24 hour trade volume of 39.3 million which is far above its market cap makes it a highly speculative currency. A pump and dump?

Blocktix (TIX) development team is comprised of a team of experts, both in the cryptocurrency and events industry bringing the best of both sides to the token. The CEO, Rob Schins has previously worked with Blackcoin and ShadowCash, other players in the crypto industry. Among the advisors is Randy, a player in the entertainment industry also serves as an advisor, helping to design the promotional event strategy.


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