Mercury (MER)

If you have been tracing recent cryptocurrencies, Mercury (MER) could turn out to be very interesting. Mercury rides on the Ethereum ecosystem and works like a desktop wallet with a twist. It uses Atomic Swap protocol where you can buy or sell different digital coins with the use of a third party or client.

Mercury enables you swap digital coins and assets in a trustless domain. This is a secure application that is blockchain based and does not require a central server. The application is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows since it is a desktop wallet.

With the system, you will be able to convert Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin for now. More digital coins and Altcoins will continue to be added on the platform. This offers convenience to the user and drastically reduced transactions fees. Plans are underway to include Ethereum and Nubits on the platform.

Why the Hype around Mercury (MER)?

This see seems like one of the best trade hacks in the cryptocurrency market and is set to disrupt how cross chain transactions are carried out. With the promise to cut down on transactions costs drastically, many crypto enthusiasts are keenly following the projects’ progress. However, it might take several months before the system is released to the masses.

The modern cryptocurrency holder and user are interested in a system that allows them to trade on a level playing ground where transactions are distributed and facilitated to happen between wallets. All you need is get the right client, download the application and open a new world of cryptographic trades.

Brief Mercury (MER) Overview

This is a protocol that is secure and offers ultimate privacy compared to other social networks. It rides on the blockchain technology but as a user, you get rewarded for your participation. However, high quality interactions get the best incentives. The platform uses their in house application: DUST. This is an easy to use application for your messaging needs.

The platform was introduced in the market in 2014 according to their whitepaper and currently has over 20,000 users with more than 200,000 massages are passing through the system daily. The Mercury protocol is still in beta stage despite the interest it is generating in the cryptocurrency circles.

Mercury (MER) Market and Performance

Unlike similar but traditional applications similar to Mercury, the system does not collect and store user data for monetization. With the growing messaging market, Mercury route is clear cut due to its transparency and security. It also rewards users for their participation; it will give the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook a run for their money.

The Mercury (MER) price at the time of writing was $0.216960 with a27.90% gain to the dollar. With the hype around the coin, it is yet to be seen whether the momentum will continue.  As a young player in the messaging sector, users are focusing on the rewards and other features that will transform their lives.

Buying Mercury (MER) Made Easy

As part of its strategies to becoming a global brand, the application has been listed on UpBit, Bittrex, Tidex and the Waves Decentralized exchange among others. Bittrex has a huge following in Europe deliver huge number of adopters to the platform. Mercury (MER) is currently paired with BTC, WAVES and KRW. To get access to Mercury tokens, you can visit their official website and register.

This is s coin to use for those who love using social networks for message and striking business deals on the go. With cross platform encrypted messaging, you have the freedom to send large files to a select geo-targeted audience. You can also add visuals to your massages which lack in many social network platforms.


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