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The cryptocurrency has always amazed many; it is hard to predict the directions prices move to at any given time. Vechain (VEN) has surprised many. The blockchain that provides bespoke luxury goods ad automobile solutions is in the limelight again. This gives the community a reason to smile amid the uncertainty surrounding all digital coins.

Vechain becomes the leading cryptocurrency in the Asian market and the ripple effect is being felt globally. After getting listed at Bithumb, the coin seems to have gained momentum with an increase of over 25%. This brings a lot hope in the cryptocurrency market that is being hit by government regulations and advertisement bans.

Vechain (VEN) Bithump Deal

The listing of Vechain (VEN) on the Bithumb platforms is a clear indication how the coin confidence is growing across the globe. Blockchain based chain management is a critical part in the global economy. With this new partnership, both players are set to benefit with VEN positioning it to get more adopters.

The official announcement read in part:

“VeChain, which is listed after review by Bithumb Cryptocurrency Deliberative Committee, is valued as a service blockchain that can be combined with real life, and is the payment currency used in the Vechain blockchain, which is already spurring development with many partnerships”.

With the announcement, it means VEN presence in the market increases and more users have more options to choose the right exchange to deal with. The exchange has also extended its generosity by introducing a custom made reward system to reward new adopters. Any VEN transactions at Bithumb in the excess of 500,000 Korean Won will see users get a reward.

The other reward option is, you deposit between 20,000-50,000 VEN, and you get 2% off. This offer runs between 2nd to 6th April.  This is a major boost at a time when the coin was steadily recovering from the market cash. Many cryptocurrency commentators argue that the coin is among the few survivors of the all-time market slump.

Bithump contribution to Vechain (VEN) Price

The significant surge in price is a true reflection of a coin ready to scale the heights.  With such a volatile market characterized by speculation, Vechain seems to be enjoying the stepping out of the bearish drawback.  The timing of the listing is the best thing that has happebed to the platform. after surviving the market crash, VEN can now face the operational challenges and expand its wings to new grounds for additional adoption.

If the price surge holds, defining of the coin’s future could just be something in the offing.  However, the volatile and speculative cryptocurrency market might not work to the digital coin plans. This could turn out to be a short lived bearish relieve. The coin has shown marginal gains of 430% against the dollar to trade at $2.80 in the last 24 hours. With the Chinese government support and BMW and PriceWaterHouseCoopers partnership, the growth pattern of the coin is staring to take shape. These are some of the high profile companies that will drive the platform distributed business model to the next level.

Vechain (VEN) Future

With the most anticipated platform rebranding, there seems there is more to expect from the developer team and the foundations. The shift from Vechain (VEN) to Vechain Thor (VET) could usher in more features and partnerships.

Investors are holding to see what the rebranding has in store for the community. They are anticipating benefiting from every free VET token that might be dished out during the rebranding process. This could postpone the surge created by the platform and Bithump collaboration.

With a lot of opportunities in the smart economy sector, Vechain should move fast and get the larger market share before other competing platforms start making inroads. This way, more partners will have trust in the coin and adopters will follow suit thus raising the value of VEN.


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