IOStoken (IOST)

The crypto market has in the past year experienced a tremendous growth with new ICOs being launched every month. The highly volatile market has continued to grow massively in 2018 especially with new players like the IOStoken (IOST) joining the crypto arena.  This cryptocurrency is expected to be one of the game changers in the blockchain world and has so far seen a rise in its market cap to over $200,000,000 within a period of two months.

The coin was launched in January and traded at a price of $0.02 on its first day; the crypto has since been bullish to achieve the high of $0.11 towards the end of January. However, the bullish run was short lived since the crypto market lost a significant value in the beginning of February 2018 making its price drop back to $0.03 as of press date.

One of the interesting characteristics of the IOStoken ICO is the rate at which the coin was accepted to the leading coin exchange, Binance. The cryptocurrency was listed in Binance merely 10 days after launching its ICO; this is quite a unique feature and good assurance for investors on acceptability of the IOStoken (IOST) as a digital currency. The token is currently traded in over five major coin exchanges with Binance leading the pack at 49% followed by Huobi at 22% and has so far shown good prospects with its average volume change in the last week at a high of 400%.

Any cryptopreneur would be curious on why they haven’t heard of this coin yet; the simple is answer is because the cryptocurrency had a private token sale. This project pioneered with a few elite who jumped into the investment easily as a result of the pre-token sale conditions the ICO was based on. However, this does not mean that any crypto enthusiast who believes in the scalability of this project as will be explained below has missed out on the golden goose. The cryptocurrency was also cautious at the beginning with foreign investors based on strong economic zones like China and the USA.

Like most altcoins the IOStoken (IOST) is also built on the ERC20 platform and is the official digital currency for the popular Internet of Services decentralized network. The team behind the token has an objective of making online exchange of digital assets relatively easy and efficient as technology continues to connect the world. The main idea in the project seeks to create freedom for developers to make contributions in the business of exchanging services online via blockchain technology.

Uniqueness is one of the features that new ICO projects will need to invest more resources on as the crypto market grows. The IOStoken has the advantage of being among the early movers to become stable and has thus been able to focus on scalability issues as a competitive edge for their platform.

IOStoken Scalability                                                                                                                                                    

The IOS blockchain platform is quite advanced and can handle the likes of Ethereum and Cardano decentralized applications. This feature gives the platform a mileage in scaling new projects within the platform while it is expected that investors will soon flock this millions top network. The blockchain technology allows for exchange of digital assets which has been on the rise in the past decade since Satoshi introduced the Bitcoin technology.

IOS team has introduced a new protocol that is energy efficient, Proof of Believability in which its blockchain operates on;

 “We designed the Proof-of-Believability mechanism to eliminate the need for an energy-hungry proof-of-work protocol, which stands as a barrier to blockchain scaling up for much wider use. Believability of a node is calculated based on contribution and behaviors; Meanwhile fairness is ensured with algorithmic randomness.”

IOStoken (IOST) IOS network is a great service provider for both large clients and micro-cap businesses; this is made possible by a Hyper Universe Distributed System which is host to a couple of networks. This way user within the platform is able to utilize the digitization features fully by monetizing assets and services online.


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